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Great Big Story Takes A Walk Through South Korea’s Street Style In New Series With Korean Air


The musicians, artists and chefs behind the sounds, smells and energy of the streets of South Korean cities are coming to Great Big Story in a new video series ‘Soul of the Street’.

Starting this week, ‘Soul of the Street’ unlocks the Seoul that few outside of the city have truly experienced, and ventures away from the capital to discover street culture in other South Korean cities. The first video published today highlights South Korean B-Boy crew Jinjo, which brings to life the incredible art of break dancing and how two brothers find inspiration from outside the hip-hop genre for their amazing aerial moves.

The nine-part editorial series is accompanied by a branded content partnership established by CNN International Commercial (CNNIC) with Korean Air. The campaign, targeted to audiences in North America and Asia, is designed to inspire Great Big Story’s young, affluent and culturally-aware audiences about what Korea offers adventurous and curious travelers.

As well as Korean Air branding appearing alongside the editorial videos, there will be two branded content films from CNNIC’s branded content studio Create. These films will tell two stories with Korean Air at their heart – a piece about Je-dong Farm, where Korean Air grows food for its inflight meals, and a love story between two artists in Seoul and New York, separated by geography but connected by Korean Air.

The editorial and branded content will feature on Great Big Story’s app and website, as well as across its social channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, reaching over 10 million multi-platform followers. A playlist will be created as more videos go live in the coming months.

“Great Big Story’s camera-toting, curiosity-driven storytellers have uncovered some of the most incredible people, places and cultures from around the world,” said Uyen Tieu, General Manager, Great Big Story. “We’re excited to partner with Korean Air through a series that immerses viewers in the heart of Korea’s street culture, while inspiring prospective travelers through amazing and thought-provoking stories.”

“Korean Air is a long-standing partner of CNN’s, and we are delighted to build on this relationship to take the Korean Air brand into new territory and reach different audiences through Great Big Story,” said Sunita Rajan, SVP, Advertising Sales, APAC, CNN International Commercial. “The power of this campaign lies in rich storytelling, clever targeting and the engagement that Great Big Story has with its audience. I am certain that anyone who watches ‘Soul of the Street’ will be enticed to book a flight and experience South Korea for themselves.”


Emily Cho, Senior Vice President, Korean Air said “We are delighted to partner with CNN to launch Korean Air’s content campaign through a creative platform like Great Big Story. ‘Soul of the Street’ captures unique stories from Korea that we hope will enchant and engage our global travelers. We at Korean Air believe in excellence in flight and are dedicated to bring Korea to the forefront as a leading travel destination, which is perfectly positioned by this partnership.”

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