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8th Jagran Film Festival pays homage to Om Puri

8th jagran film festival

8th Jagran Film Festival, pays homage to Om Puri, will conclude with Seema Kapoor’s Mr. Kabaadi, the last film in which Om Puri acted. The film is based on a Molière play, the satire has Annu Kapoor in the lead and Puri as the sutradhar (narrator). It is a rags-to-riches story,

10 must watch movies at 8th Jagran Film Festival

Trapped movie

8th Jagran Film Festival, India’s BIG Travelling Film Festival, is preparing to transcend boundaries of India pegging reach of around million cinema fans, to build awareness and create cultural affinity in its 8th year of organisation. While all these films are best in their respective genres, the festival has shortlisted the top 10