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After Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Comes Mobbywood…


One of the largest mobile game publishers in the world announced the launch of its exclusive game “Indian Stories” for mobile users across the Indian Continent.

India is the largest gaming market in the world for Android games (source: App Annie) and with the advent of low cost data schemes; the consumption of entertainment content has exploded. Games2win is best poised to take advantage of this trend with the launch of India-Exclusive Games.

Alok Kejriwal – CEO and Co-Founder of Games2win added, “Post the launch of Jio Mobile Services, our Indian Game downloads are growing 100% month on month for the past several months now. The verdict is clear! Indian consumers are ravenous for Indian Content and with access rates being made affordable, they are consuming everything that has a strong local flavor. We have long been inspired by the story telling success of Bollywood and have created a unique mobile game called “Indian Stories” that captures the lives and times of Indian mobile millennials aka Bollywood style but with one added layer – The reader (or player) in this case can actually take charge of the story, make decisions, take chances, which lead to different outcomes! This is not possible in Bollywood or any movie!”


“Indian Stories” the game has 30 chapters featuring a cast of 3 Boy and 3 Girl Characters. The player gets to choose their avatar and then start playing the story basis their own choices. Each choice changes the story and its outcome and gives players unique control of their reading experience. New stories get added each month with additional character sets.

This is the fusion of story telling and mobile technology served as a highly entertaining mobile game.

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