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The future is here: Lookup Pen!

Fuelled by the latest technology, the pen is pure magic. Its motions sensors can identify the motion, direction and dimension on which you are writing or drawing on based on the way you hold the pen. Moreover, the body of the pen is crafted with aeroplane-grade aluminium which makes it appear super sleek and stylish.

Use this pen to write or draw anything you want and get that very thing in your hands within seconds! What’s crazy about this magnificent product is that you don’t actually need a surface to write or draw on. It even works on thin air! Yes, you read that right.

So stop whatever you are doing and pre-order the Lookup Pen now during this limited release for just Rs. 1,416/-

Check out this video to know everything about the Lookup Pen.

Pre-order here: Lookup Pen

The future is in your hands!

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