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Yahoo Messenger introduces Read Receipts, Typing Indicators and More


Yahoo has announced several updates to Yahoo Messenger to make messaging an even better experience, plus a new way to express yourself with emojis. The new features like read receipts and typing indicators allow users to be sure when their friends or colleagues are checking their phones or reading their messages.

Read Receipts

We’ve all been there – we’ve sent a message to a friend or family member, only to be left wondering if they ever opened it or bothered to read it. With our latest update, Yahoo Messenger will show you read receipts for group and one-on-one chats, across mobile, desktop and web, so you’re never left guessing if it reached your recipient’s eyes again.

Typing Indicators

With our typing indicator (…), you’ll now be able to see when the person you’re chatting with starts typing.

Big Emojis

When you’re trying to get an important message across, sometimes a regular emoji just isn’t enough. Now your hearts, champagne bottles, and clapping hands will show up bigger than ever in your chat window on mobile for that extra oomph.

Make sure you update Yahoo Messenger in the App Store and on Google Play, as well as web and desktop, to see these updates come to life.

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