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Goibibo Asks “Where Do You Want To Go?”


Goibibo, India’s leading online travel booking platform, has launched ‘One View” on its Android and iOS Apps. The Goibibo app now launches with a simple default question: “Where do you want to Go?” Based on the choice of the traveler’s destination the app delivers a single consolidated view of: Multiple transportation forms ranging from Air, Bus, Cabs & Shared Cars with real time prices and bookable inventories; Accommodation options ranging from hotels to home stays; Trending Question and answers about the destination that are generated by travelers; user’s “goContacts” that have travelled to that destination, backed with the ability for the user to ask questions to their contacts.

The launch of this feature by Goibibo is to enable users to compare prices of different transportation forms and accommodations; engage with their social network and the community to plan their trip and at the same time make seamless bookings all in a single view. As an example: a user can travel from Delhi to Jaipur via Air, Cab or Bus at different price points and durations. In a traditional online travel context, the user could not compare price and time in a single view of various forms of transportation. This feature now enables the travelers to compare and book, get fare trends all in a consolidated view backed by social planning tools.

Goibibo has witnessed a 30% increase its conversion rates since the launch of this feature. The app has already recorded more than 1 million community generated  Questions and Answers, making this tool powerful for travel planning and booking. Goibibo is a top ranked app on both Android and iOSs and has recorded more than 20 million downloads.

Commenting on the launch, Ashish Kashyap, President and Co-founder, Make My Trip – ibibo Merged Entity said, “This is yet another industry first launch from Goibibo. It is in line with our philosophy of delivering the fastest booking experience and leveraging the power of mobile. This feature uses location, community and phone graph to deliver this experience. Going forward we want to bring AI and hyper personalization to this tool. This is also an example of an attempt by us to re imagine the travel booking experience.”


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