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Game of Wayfarers


Some trends never go out of fashion. No matter for how long they have been there but they are evergreen and trendy for all the class and elegance that they bring with them. Sunglasses, especially wayfarers, is one such trend that has never gone out of fashion. Rather, Carrera as well as Polaroid have invented and re-invented some of the classic retro and metro looks. A pair of Carrera or Polaroid wayfarers are always an answer to all fashion hitches – from celebrities to mango people. Therefore, there’s a lot of pressure hinging on the stems of this single accessory because it can literally make or break your look.

So, which is the new eyewear that we are re-discovering, that has never been out of fashion since the time it became a trend, a true classic? It has to be the journey of the wayfarer because they have been in fashion since time immemorial now. The game of wayfarers has been pretty strong all this while with flamboyant, elegant designs, frames and shapes that they have stayed on the fashion scene. A pair of wayfarers not only makes a bold statement but at the same time has an enduring value about them.

An elegant pair of Polaroid or bold Carrera wayfarers are sometimes all one needs to be ready to take the world on.

While we do have the classic wayfarer that is an answer to any fashion dilemma, emerging on the scene are also a modern wide variety of wayfarers that range from being the classics to prints and unconventional. While printed frames along with eccentric tinted lenses add some texture and drama to the overall outfit, unconventional frames compliment the look and make a statement.

A pair of your favourite wayfarers from Carrera or Polaroid can be your perfect vacation companion. From the hills to the beach, perfectly made hair to wind in the hair, make-up or no make-up your wayfarer will compliment your look and mood. All one must do is get Polaroid eyewear like POLAROID PLD 8025/S, plan a vacation and pair them with whatever you wear. 

Classics in style!

Trends may come and go, but classics are never go out of style! Rather they are timeless and evergreen which only add glamour, class and elegance to your look. Taking a classic design and adding a modern element or tweaking it a little to give it more of a 21st century look is what Carrera and Polaroid have done.

The different looks that one can achieve styling with a wayfarer is incomparable. The square wayfarer sunglasses have a more refined touch and a slender look to it. Sunday brunches and sunny days can look trendy and stylish

with the classic CARRERA 1110S. Put these shades on and wear the Ruby Woo to woo the world around with your classic yet elegant look! One can also pair these black wayfarers with blue ripped denims and a white tank top.

Combining a vintage look together with superbly crafted contemporary tech, they are the go-to eyewear! 


Add some drama with PRINTS

If polka dots and unconventional frames are too bold for you to carry, then you can always switch to prints like the one we have in POLAROID PLD6035/S. The turtle shell like print is classic, chic, and evergreen where you can never go wrong. It not only adds a bit of texture to the attire but also gives some drama and depth to the overall outfit. What we love about the print wayfarers is the fact that how laid back and cool this trend makes one look.

It’s a special feeling to feel comfortable and look confident in any situation and with any outfit. These prints are a true inspiration for anyone!

Go Unconventional

If you’re the one who loves experimenting with your look and go beyond what’s safe for other people, then CARRERA 1110S has something for you. It comes in a whole range of trendy, funky and bold colours that will help you take the road of adventure. The Blue frames with the red tinted lenses and white trims or the printed wayfarers with bold tinted lenses and slim metal bridges look absolutely stunning. Not only do they make a bold statement about themselves but also the one wearing it.




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