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#5KaPunch Campaign launched by Britannia Tiger Krunch

Madhushree Chakrabarty December 1, 2020

Britannia Tiger Krunch Chocochip Cookies came up with a new campaign #5KaPunch which on one hand, is an enjoyable and tasty snack for kids and on the other hand is healthy for the pocket.

The new pack of Britannia Tiger Krunch’s new campaign #5KaPunch comes with a promise of affordable indulgence. #5KaPunch establishes this memorably with a vignette that talks to every kid who dreams of becoming a Tiger in real life. The kids who don’t bow down to the bullies and who always take pride in making smarter choice. Just like the choice of buying a Britannia Tiger Krunch’s delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies worth Rs. 5 over a regular cookie.

The film shows a young kid comes to a local kirana shop and asks “mera special dena” and places Rs. 5 on the counter. There approaches an elder bully kid who mocks his words and said that at Rs. 5 one can only get regular things and not something special, “paanch rupaye mein anda milega bro”. Then the young kid flashes the new pack of Britannia Tiger Krunch pack and announces the brand’s tagline,  “Britannia Tiger Krunch, Paanch rupaye ka Chocolatey Punch”.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Vinay Subramanyam, VP, Marketing, Britannia Industries said, “Britannia Tiger Krunch has always been an ally of mothers who are constantly looking to provide their kids with indulgent snacking experiences at affordable prices. It is the only cookie that offers you this experience with the Delight of 10 chocolate chip cookies at just Rs.5.”

“The world of tweens constantly seeks one-upmanship and scoring over one another, whether it be games or the snack of choice. Britannia Tiger Krunch provides not only a great chocolatey snack but a bang for the pocket-money buck too which is truly talk-worthy”, said Puneet Kapoor, Regional Creative Director, Lowe Lintas.

10 mouthwatering Britannia Tiger Krunch Chocochip Cookies are available at just Rs. 5 – Truly 5 ka Chocolaty Punch. Watch the complete ad film here.


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