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ABP News’ Ghanti Bajao makes a breakthrough in the news-genre

MediaInfoline April 28, 2020

Amassing viewers’ undivided attention, ABP News’ Prime Time Show, Ghanti Bajao, has emerged as the viewers’ choice amid the nation-wide lockdown. The show, with a unique concept of engagement via missed calls, received 1.5 Cr missed calls in the last 30 days and 3.13 lac missed calls in one day, on 22nd April, 2020 (for a single episode).

While the whole world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, ABP News is mobilising the nation in this overwhelming hour of crisis, through their show ‘Ghanti Bajao’, so people can actively participate in this fight. Catalysing and empowering the common man to become a whistle blower, Ghanti Bajao is a show which truly embodies the channel’s philosophy – ‘Aapko Rakhe Aagey’ by letting the viewers put forth their voice. In the past few episodes, viewers have been tremendously active in expressing their concerns and voicing their opinions on issues associated with COVID-19, which the show has covered extensively.

Hosted by renowned ABP News anchor Anuraag Muskaan, the episodes which received a myriad of participation from the public were the ones which gave an in-depth elucidation of the rapid testing kits for COVID-19, advising the states not to use these kits.

Since its inception, Ghanti Bajao has been in the spotlight for its unique format of engagement with public. Built around the concept of ‘Inclusive Nation Building’, the show presents a comprehensive report on the actual reality of the issues, pushing the concerned authorities to resolve them. Giving a platform to the viewers to raise their voice and support them through their content is a distinctive feature of the show.

Through an all-inclusive report on the novel Coronavirus, Ghanti Bajao has reached this gigantic landmark, asserting ABP News as the viewers’ choice for news consumption, during these times.

Speaking on this development, Mr. Avinash Pandey, CEO, ABP News Network said, “At ANN, our goal has been not just informing & engaging our viewers but also empowering them to raise their voice. Ghanti Bajao is a special show with a viewer-centric approach and extensive, in-depth reporting. Our unflinching determination to educate and elucidate the viewers in these crucial times has remained our top-most priority. We are delighted to see such an overwhelming response from our viewers on Ghanti Bajao. This reciprocation only restates the trust viewers repose in ABP News.” 


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