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Adda 52 Achieve a Brand Lift of 2.5x with Video Ads on Dailymotion


An India-based online gaming website, Adda 52 carried out a brand lift study campaign in October and November of 2020. The campaign was executed by Httpool in collaboration with Dailymotion. The aim of the campaign was to overcome the social stigmas present in Indian society and strengthen its brand positioning.

The study used a sample size of 200 participants separated equally into two categories; exposed (users who have seen the Adda52 ads at least once) and not exposed( users who did not get to see any campaign ads). The exposed group was composed of 63% males and 37% females, while the not exposed group consisted of 51% males and 49% females. The study was targeted at an 18-34 age group.

The exposed group’s participants were 25% more likely to have successful brand recall compared to those in the not exposed group. Moreover, the results showed that video advertising used by Adda 52 has a 34% higher ability to stick in the minds of users compared with that of its main competitors Pokerstars.

Speaking on the success of the campaign, Rohit Asesh, Adda 52’s Digital Marketing Manager states that “the results achieved from the campaign, completed with Dailymotion and Httpool, surpassed all expectations, especially given continued pandemic during this period. The outcome reached 2.5x that of previous campaigns. The use of video allows advertisers to tell a story, which is not possible across all other mediums. We are now back and excited to be focusing on a new campaign, aiming to communicate the importance of mastering poker skills, and how this, in turn, will help positively impact valuable life skills.”

Also commenting on the campaign, Antoine Nazaret VP at Dailymotion for APAC region. “Witnessing the success of Adda 52’s video ad campaign, Dailymotion has set their goal across the APAC region to build this with all clients in the coming future. To enable clients hoping to enhance their brand value, through our digital media ecosystem and bring bespoke creative solutions, with innovative ad formats.”

“Dailymotion is globally known for its award-winning innovations, which allows them to deliver higher completion rates, better CTR’s, and impressive levels of brand recall for their advertisers. The unique idea for brand promotion originally derived from Adda 52 directly, and upon discussions, we could not think of a better accompaniment than Dailymotion, one of our trusted partners, for the brief,” adds Pankaj Jain the Httpool Native Partner Director, for India, and SEA.


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