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ADK Fortune and Manforce team launch #YouAreNotAlone

MediaInfoline February 12, 2020

People have different opinions about what is the limit of Public Display of Affection (PDA). With time, we have at least matured enough to not feel uncomfortable with a simple hug, holding of hands or a goodbye kiss at public places. The problem starts only when we cross the line. And it is not so much about disregarding other’s feelings but rather it’s putting oneself in danger thinking you are alone. What they forget is there is nothing private about the public place. Manforce Condoms explores a completely new angle of ‘safe’ in its latest campaign #YouAreNotAlone. It brings to light the perils of indulging in PDA thinking you are alone with complete disregard to prying eyes who are always on the lookout for such vulnerable couples.

Commenting on the campaign, Joy Chatterjee, DGM, Mankind Pharma said, “As a responsible brand, we take pride in sensitizing couples about safe sex. This time we have a strong message to those couples who indulge in PDA thinking they are doing it within the four walls of their house. It’s important for them to understand where they are, what they are doing and how their action can ruin their life.

The #YouAreNotAlone campaign has been conceptualized and executed by ADK Fortune Communications Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon. “After our successful campaign #ShutThePhoneUp, we wanted to continue with this momentum of sensitizing people about ‘safe sex’. And that is how we arrived at our fresh campaign #YouAreNotAlone. The campaign speaks about the danger of letting your guard down in a public place. Irrespective of what the place may look like, there is always danger lurking around and that can ruin your life”, says Subroto Pradhan, Managing Partner, ADK-Fortune.


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