ADK Fortune launches ‘Khel Gaye Chief’ with Vicky Kaushal for Red Chief

ADK Fortune launches ‘Khel Gaye Chief’ with Vicky Kaushal for Red Chief

Red Chief has launched its new ad campaign ‘Khel Gaye Chief’ with Vicky Kaushal. Targeting the youth of the country, the new campaign conceptualized and executed by ADK Fortune Communications Pvt. Ltd., highlights the strength and comfort that Red Chief leather shoes essentially stand for.

The commercial features a gutsy Vicky Kaushal tackling a couple of goons by tricking them into reaching the police station. Very smoothly, he tricks the goons while running, climbing, and jumping to show how these shoes are made for today’s fast lifestyle. The film therefore serves as a testimony of how tough and flexible these leather shoes from Red Chief are.

Commenting on his association with Red Chief, Vicky Kaushal said, “It feels great to be associated with Red Chief, a home-grown footwear brand that enjoys mass appeal, backed by top-of-the line features and quality in their wide range of casuals, formals, and outdoor shoes. The brand gives one a sense of completeness in their looks and a distinct unique personality.

Youth icon, Vicky Kaushal, only adds to the charisma of the brand. And, commenting on this new association, Mr. Manoj Gyanchandani, M.D. of Leayan Global Pvt. Ltd., said, “We are delighted to have Vicky Kaushal as the Brand Ambassador for our leading leather footwear brand, Red Chief. Vicky gels very well with our Red Chief brand image, which is rugged, tough, and confidently stylish. We are quite confident of taking our brand to next level of growth and expansion across the country with a strong youth connect in masses.”

This campaign was conceptualised by ADK-Fortune Communications Pvt. Ltd. and commenting on it, Mr. Uday Rao, ECD, said, “The attempt with this communication was to underline the style aspect that has evolved to be in sync with the times along with strengthening the existing brand image through an exciting, short, and a charming story.”

Red Chief always stood for the Power of Real Leather. With Vicky seamlessly embodying the real sense of power with much ease and wit makes the whole plot highly entertaining & endearing”, says Subroto Pradhan, Managing Partner, ADK-Fortune.

The campaign broke on 7th December 2019 and is backed-up by heavy media burst, online and offline.

Red Chief currently has 170 retail stores and more than 3,000 multi brand outlets (MBOs) across India. The brand is also available on all major online shopping platforms.



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