AJIO starts Sneakerhood 2.0 campaign conceptualized by Phantom Ideas

AJIO starts Sneakerhood 2.0 campaign conceptualized by Phantom Ideas

Welcome to AJIO’s sneaker universe—a curated store for the Sneakerheads aka the sneaker enthusiasts, noobs or seasoned. From the classics to the latest drops, from top charts to insights, they’ve got something for everyone.

From the alma mater of sneakers like Converse, Nike, Puma, Adidas, Fila, Reebok, and New Balance to the brands that have gained widespread popularity like Asics, Veja, Diesel, and Steve Madden, AJIO Sneakerhood’s offerings are appealing to the likes of sneakerheads across the nation.

“Be it the product, trends or technology, AJIO Sneakerhood is currently standing at the helm of an industry evolving at lightning speed. It’s challenging to stay ahead of the curve—a challenge we welcome happily,” says Vineeth Nair, CEO of AJIO. “We’ve got the finest sneakers of the world— everything from Air Jordans to Stan Smiths, from V-10s to Chuck Taylors, from Gel-Lytes to Disruptors… you name it and we have it. So we needed to let Indian Sneakerheads know that the world’s greatest sneaker store is just a tap away,” expresses Nair.

Upon entering the store you experience the resurgence of the retro-electro cyberpunk theme. As the world reels from the effects of the surge of the new digital natives, the AJIO sneaker depot has its individualistic style, cultural connect, lingo, and of course sneaker selections. It caters to the rising demand of generation Alpha, Zoomers, Millennials as well as Gen X for kicks and a digital experience like no other while selecting one to match their style.

Introducing the fresh drops, the campaign film’s intent from its inception was inclusivity. It features a diverse community of sneakerheads themselves presenting the most notable sneaker pairs from the house. The campaign focuses on building and sustaining a large community of sneakerheads in India by resonating with their love for sneakers. Set against a pop-art aesthetic, the film brings forth the unapologetic loyalty and emotional eccentricities of true sneakerheads, all in tune with a fun, foot- tapping track. With super-relatable characters, in-trend sneakers and some smile-inducing moments, the film emerged as one of the most fun-to-watch ad films of the last year. A massive parade, super cool dance moves, a moment of shock when a beautiful pair of sneakers get stepped on, all culminating in the purposeful message: ‘for the love of sneakers’.

“Inclusivity, and not unattainable high fashion, was our intent from the start.”, says Robert Anthoney, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Phantom ideas. “The entire campaign’s focus was to build and sustain a large community of sneakerheads in India by speaking their language and truly representing their undying love for sneakers.”

To inculcate community building and interactions AJIO Sneakerhood has collaborated with influential sneakerheads and deep-dived into their sneaker rooms and lives. To sneakerheads like Aditya Bhalla, Yash Pradhan, and Sidhant Gandhi, sneaker is an art. To some like Jordanian-Indian b-boy Naser Al Azzeh, sneakers are a legacy. The AJIO Sneakerhood store has emerged as a comfort zone for these sneakerheads where they have come together, shared their stories, and found a common thread of connecting with their community. This is a forum where real stories are narrated, true passion is celebrated and iconic sneakers are cherished.

Offering all sneaker enthusiasts a pocket-friendly sneaker store that is exceptionally curated, is a browsing and shopping experience that parallels no other, a community-building sphere, along with insights and content—AJIO Sneakerhood is rapidly gaining ground and is set to be the game-changer of the industry for 2023.

Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65wzp8VgaOs

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