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Allen Solly launches its New Range of Work Wear Campaign Conceptualized by Ogilvy

MediaInfoline December 6, 2018

Allen Solly launched its latest campaign “Open Work Culture” – recognizing the importance of an employee friendly work environment. In line with the brand philosophy of OpenWorkCulture – “Cool Work Wear”, the campaign highlights new age working principles like using environmental friendly commutes, bringing pets to workplace, taking time off work, comfortable work spaces and workspaces that encourage employees to pursue hobbies. The campaign launched with a cool TVC talking about pet friendly workplaces and followed it with the celebration of cool commutes to work.

Allen Solly decided to engage with the new age consumers about this celebration of cool commutes to work at their most favourite entertainment spot –  PVR. At Phoenix Market City, Bangalore consumers came to the movie on a Saturday like any other weekend only to discover something interesting was awaiting. Just when the interval lights went on, the cool Allen Solly guy cycled into the theatre and the TVC music set the momentum. The stunts performed at the most unexpected moment inside the theatre, left the audience surprised and some of them began cheering. Once the stunt was over, the emcee took over and asked the audience if they cycled to work – keeping the philosophy of the campaign in sync. Several hands shot up and they were awarded special vouchers on spot. The emcee continued further, by asking viewers if they all wanted to win vouchers. The response was a unanimous yes! They were asked to look under their seats only to be surprised with vouchers from Allen Solly.

At the end of the activation, the original Open Work Culture TVC from Allen Solly played on screen as users relived the cinematic version of the activation.

Anil.S.Kumar, COO, Allen Solly: Allen Solly’s Open work culture is a fashionable and functional take on the new age work environment and needs. With the new age audience, it is important to connect with them and create a memorable and charming experience. This activation is another experiment in that direction wherein we celebrate the ‘open work culture’ with a Cinematic flair.

Varun Katyal, Senior CD, Ogilvy: In the past, Allen Solly has redefined work wear. Carrying forward the same thought process, we cracked an idea that’ll resonate with the workplace of the future and that’s how #OpenWorkCulture was conceived. Now to launch this in cinema, we wowed our audience by making them experience an ad film rather than just watch it on the big screen. And that’s what made it sticky and unforgettable.

YouTube Links:

Film: Click here

PVR Activation: Click here


Agency: Ogilvy – Bangalore

Chief Creative Officer: Mahesh Gharat

Creative Directors – Varun Katyal, Dipen Patel

Executive Vice President: Tithi Ghosh

Account Management:

Rajnandini Ghosh (Digital Lead), Sreya Vittaldev (Digital Manager)

Production House – Sugarshot Productions

Director – Sandeep Sugumaran

Activation Agency – GoBeep

Manager – Rajesh Santhanam


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