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Ambuja Cement brings videos series- Mazboot Ghar Ke Mazboot Adhaar


The unique solution for millions of home builders in India, Ambuja Certified Technology’s (ACT) success has sustained Ambuja Cement’s customer-centric approach to growing its business. The three critical Ms in house building addressed in the value-added service – Men, Materials and Methods – has already reached more than 60,000 homes since its launch.

Mazboot Ghar Ke Mazboot Adhaar– an engaging, interesting and explanatory videos series has been brought to the customers for sharing this knowledge and wisdom by Ambuja.

ACT is based on three pillars. The right techniques, the right material and the right people. Over 4.5 lakh customers have been reached so far by ACT’s experts on their sites for guidance following which over 77,000 customers have taken advantage of the various onsite services.

By implementing their sustainable solutions and practices, ACT’s customers have saved more than 300 million litres of water to date. ACT services are provided on the basic premise that the real challenge for Individual House Builders (IHBs) starts after the cement is purchased.  To this ends the company identified 3Ms in the construction journey of a house builder — Men (contractors), Materials (primarily building materials) & Methods (practices).  ACT is a holistic package that addresses these three critical needs by helping customers select the right contractor, products, and construction methods to build strong and durable homes.

“Addressing the customers’ pain points is the key to winning their long-term loyalty.  What we offer as ACT approach goes far beyond selling cement. While we deliver top-notch cement in terms of quality, ACT ensures that the other equally important elements in building a home come together seamlessly. The number of homes we have helped build over the years proves the value of ACT to builders,” said Mr. Neeraj Akhoury, CEO & MD, Ambuja Cements Ltd”.

ACT was made possible with the help of Ambuja Cement’s channel network and a very strong technical service team of more than 350 construction engineers who developed unique sustainable solutions in-house to eliminate customer problems, improve construction quality and promote sustainable products and construction practices.

ACT promotes sustainable construction practices and green products at customers’ construction sites resulting in improved quality and durability of structures. These initiatives are in line with Ambuja Cement’s sustainability objectives and the goal of inspiring innovative and sustainable ways in construction. This initiative also added value to the company’s ranking in the DJSI’s (Dow Jones Sustainability Index). Recently, Ambuja Cement ranked fifth globally in the construction material category of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) 2020.

ACT has proven to be a game-changer in the industry, strengthening Ambuja Cement’s business and customer engagement with its differentiated offerings. Such initiatives are in line with Ambuja Cement’s goal to inspire innovative ways to build a home with sustainable construction practices and solutions.



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