Amway launches Amway HomeTM Fruit & Veggie Wash

Amway launches Amway HomeTM Fruit & Veggie Wash

Amway India launches a new product Amway HomeTM Fruit & Veggie Wash and with this, the company enters into Vegetable and Fruit Hygiene products. Due to the rise in consumer demand for hygiene products the brand forayed into vegetable and fruit hygiene space.

The product is a 5-in-1 cleaning solution for fruits and vegetables bought from the markets. The solution does not contain added chlorine, alcohol, animal-based ingredients, bleach, or artificial color and has been tested against 197 pesticides. Amway HomeTM Fruit & Veggie Wash has been proved to remove surface pesticides, surface germs (bacteria and fungus), waxes, and surface heavy metals like dirt and dust.

Commenting on the launch, Anshu Budhraja, CEO, Amway India said, “The homecare category has grown significantly in the recent years, fueled by consumers’ need for good home hygiene, rising incomes, urbanization along with increased products’ penetration. Given the current environment, consumers have become even more hygiene conscious, and we have observed a significant shift in consumer behavior as well as consumption patterns. The sudden spike in attention for healthcare has made home hygiene one of the top priorities. Continuing our commitment to offering the highest quality and versatile products, we have launched Amway HomeTM Fruit & Veggie Wash. The product contains naturally-derived cleansing agents with no harmful residue. Riding on Amway’s 60 plus years of expertise in developing environment-friendly homecare solutions, this innovation aims to address the growing need of our consumers for hygiene products.”

Talking about the innovation, Ajay Khanna, Chief Marketing Officer, Amway India, said, “In the current times of heightened health and hygiene awareness, there is expected worry over ingesting harmful chemicals and bacteria that remain after regular cleaning of fruits and vegetables. Amway HomeTM Fruit & Veggie Wash is best defined, as the home care solution that combines the one-two punch of cleaning. With frequent reports of consumers limiting discretionary expenses, Amway HomeTM Fruit & Veggie Wash offers value for money. With a unique concentrated formula, this cleaning solution follows the philosophy of less is more leading to the low cost per usage.”

He further added, “We are excited with the business opportunity offered by the market. To ensure national wide reach and to engage our direct retailer/sellers and their consumers, we are introducing extensive training sessions and digital activations across platforms to spread awareness around the surface impurities present on the fruits and vegetables. We are confident that Amway HomeTM Fruit & Veggie Wash will be able to cater to the immediate need of our direct sellers and customers”. Comprising of 11 products in the home care portfolio, the company is foreseeing the category to register INR 250 crores by 2025.

Each 500ml bottle of the product is priced at INR 249. The product will be sold by Amway Direct Retailer/Amway Direct Sellers or Amway Direct Retailer/Amway Direct Seller by visiting the website.

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