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Asian Paints launches new TVC for SmartCare Damp Proof

MediaInfoline March 17, 2020

While there seems to be many ways of treating damp exterior walls of your home, there is nothing quite like Asian Paints that masters the art of giving you the best way to do so. India’s largest paint and decor company launches an all-new TVC for Damp Proof – a technically advanced waterproofing solution from Asian Paints’ SmartCare rangeThe products credibility and effectiveness can be tested with the 6-year warranty available on performance. As per the TVC, the product is best used for water proofing terraces, roofs, parapets and any exterior vertical surfaces. Thus, homeowners can keep it dry where it matters the most.

While there are several traditional ways of waterproofing one’s building, one of those is Chemical Waterproofing (chemical mixed with cement in the problem area). Close to 60% of Indian homes use this traditional short-term technique as a means to solve their waterproofing problem. Asian Paints Damp Proof ensures a wholesome solution with unmatched crack bridging ability, mechanical strength, strong adhesion, and a long warranty period so homeowners don’t have to waterproof their homes every year before the monsoons.

Conceptualized by Ogilvy India, the TVC shows the protagonist is a Damp Proof user who is relieved of the recurring task of getting his home waterproofed every year unlike his neighbour, who has to undergo the waterproofing procedure every year. The neighbour and his family are shown to be quite flummoxed and frustrated, while the SmartCare Damp Proof user is shown to enjoy his summers relaxed and worry-free year after year.

Speaking about the new corporate ad, Amit Syngle, COO, Asian Paints Limited said, “The core need of consumers facing waterproofing problems is to find an effective long term solution. Asian Paints’ brand SmartCare, is one of the first brands to launch a ‘warranty waala waterproofing’ in the Indian market. The terrace has always been considered one of the major sources of dampness & leakages in Indian homes. SmartCare Damp Proof offers consumers a 6-year minimum assurance against a chemical waterproofing which doesn’t last beyond a regular monsoon cycle. The new TVC delivers this message in a fun and casual way through a friendly banter between neighbours which is pleasant to watch.”

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