ASUS India takes the nostalgia route in its latest campaign, ‘Khelon Ka Pitara’


ASUS India, a Taiwanese technology giant and the leading gaming brand in India, today launched the new campaign “Khelon Ka Pitara” featuring Ronit Roy as the protagonist. The campaign takes viewers on an emotional journey, exploring how millennials have witnessed the transformation of gaming devices in the country. Through this evocative video, the brand strives to bring back the excitement and joy that millennials felt when they played games and inspire them to start playing again. It is all about reigniting that passion for gaming with #ResumewithAlly.

The video campaign traces the evolution from the early days of handheld battery-powered devices to exhilarating multiplayer gaming marathons in cyber cafes, weaving a narrative that mirrors the growth of gaming technology over the past few decades. It not only showcases the competitive spirit but also captures the deep sense of satisfaction and joy experienced while immersing in the world of gaming.

Commenting on the launch of “Khelon Ka Pitara,” Paramjeet Singh, Marketing Head Consumer PC & Gaming, Systems Group at Asus India said, “In the dynamic landscape of technological evolution proliferating across human generations, we are proud to introduce our latest campaign, “Khelon Ka Pitara. The campaign is designed to establish a meaningful connection with the millennials, who were the first generation to start gaming and facilitate a bridge to their Gen Z and Alpha kids, who are currently immersed in the advanced stage of gaming. ROG Ally along with this campaign signifies a distinctive and shared gaming affinity between the millennial generation and their progeny, aiming to foster mutual interest in gaming, bridging the generational gap and creating a lasting bond amongst them.”

Conceptualized by the Whizzstudios, the video opens with a heartwarming scene featuring a father-son duo engaged in playful banter. The son engrossed in playing on the ROG Ally, while the father, eager to join in, asks his son to share the handheld console. The son hesitates, believing his father might be out of touch with gaming, but the father’s nostalgic recollections transport them both through the years of shared gaming experiences. The video culminates with Ronit Roy, the father figure, inspiring viewers to rekindle their gaming journeys.

The Indian online gaming ecosystem has received growing acceptance as a preferred mode of entertainment. With the advent of technology many gaming-focused devices, including desktops, laptops, monitors, and consoles like ROG Ally have made inroads in the market. ROG Ally is the handheld Windows gaming device aimed at elevating and redefining the gaming experience on the move with its spectacular flagship features and innovation making the AAA gaming experience all the more immersive while the user is on the move.

To watch the Campaign click here

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