Bajaj Avenger encourages women to ‘Ride Their Independence’

Garima Khandelwal ECD Mullen Lintas

The Indian woman of today has come a long way from the yesteryears as she increasingly portrays a dominant and authoritative persona around her peers and surroundings. Whether at the workplace or at home or other mundane affairs, her opinion and influence is of essence especially when it comes to taking crucial decisions. But while her progress is being celebrated by an India that is getting modern by the day, she is being increasingly challenged by external forces in terms of deciding what’s right or wrong for her. The freedom to do or express as she wills is what is being questioned on an everyday basis.

As a brand that stands for freedom & liberation, Bajaj Avenger has been at the forefront in connecting with topics and conversations that impact India. Whether it was #RideDon’tHide that urged people to declare their wealth openly for the good of the country or #PledgeToConnect that coaxed people to connect with themselves and not their devices, Bajaj Avenger has been consistently engaging with the audience, inspiring dialogue, opinions and conversations.

The cruiser bike brand is now back with its take on why freedom matters to women; and in a way they feel right. With #RideYourIndependence that has been conceptualized by Mullen Lintas Mumbai, Bajaj Avenger unravels the journey of one such female protagonist and what ‘being free’ really means to her. Whether it is about being friends with whoever she wants or the ability to express herself the way she wants or even the freedom to wear whatever she wants and also go wherever she wants, including at any odd hours of the day without being judged or questioned, a woman should be left to make her own choices. That’s when ‘being independent’ will have a real meaning of its own.

Commenting on the objective behind the film, Sumeet Narang, VP- Marketing, Bajaj Auto said: “Avenger stands for freedom and liberation and it is our endeavor to reinforce the brand equity with each communication. With so many issues of women safety cropping in India recently, on this Independence Day, we saw an opportunity to underline ‘liberation of women’ seen from an Avenger perspective in a unique, positive and an endearing way.

Expressing her views on the idea and making of the film, Garima Khandelwal, ECD- Mullen Lintas said: “It’s the 70th year of independence, but are we, man woman alike really free? The film shows a woman riding through the outskirts, how a man would ride today. The indifference the world has to her presence is meant to reflect as respect of her freedom, it’s a utopian community. Mahatma Gandhi’s quote rightfully makes the film relevant for Independence Day. The brand makes a point on liberation yet again but this time it’s not a film for a girl that rides, it’s a film for every girl. Here’s to her independence!”

The film has been launched on all social platforms and has been receiving rave response from the online community. In a short span of 4 days, it has already got over 4.5 million views and counting. Bajaj Avenger would be promoting it heavily on social platforms to draw the attention of the online community in espousing the cause of freedom for our women.

The film can be viewed here:

Team credits:

Client: Bajaj Auto

Team: Sumeet Narang, Shardul Mujumdar, Ritujoy Chakraborty

Agency: Mullen Lintas

Creative: Shriram Iyer, Garima Khandelwal, Satish Sethumadhavan

Account Management: Raj Ayyappan, Ahsan Khan, Anchal Shah

Production House:Nineteen Films

Director: Akanksha Seda

Producer: Pradip Das

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