Birla White’s #DeewaronKiSuno Tells the Painters Tale This Diwali


The Diwali new paint is around the corner and Birla White heard the plight of the painter community. The esteemed painting company has launched a brand film to support painters. This year the pandemic has taken a toll on the livelihood of many including the painters who make your walls beautiful. Birla White’s #DeewaronKiSuno will bring their stories to the forefront. 

Bringing the Painters Stories

The company is a unit of Ultratech Cement which is a part of the Aditya Birla Group. They have been in the construction business for years but never seen such dire economic conditions of the daily wage earners like these painters. As many companies shut down and people become jobless, the brand recognized the hardship of their workers and made this film to urge people to stand by these happiness bringers, the painters. 

Painters are losing their most crucial phase of work this Diwali due to the social restrictions in place this year. Every year, they would be employed to renovate and paint the homes of millions of Indians who are on their annual Diwali house cleaning spree. 

The  #DeewaronKiSuno ad campaign highlights the plight of these painters amidst this pandemic. The film beautifully portrays their stories as encountered by the walls of every house, as if they are calling for the painters.

The makers hit upon the unique idea when similar campaigns of storytelling urging for a makeover of the walls worked. Thus the “Deewarein Sajengi Tabhi toh Tyohaar Ki Rangat Badhegi” giveaway to the idea of standing by the painters with the #DeewaronKiSuno ad film. 

Watch the film here 

Realizing the Power of Spreading A Smile

The iconic company’s primary motive is to make people realize how they are making a difference and helping someone this festive season. 

” Birla White wanted to spread a simple reminder to the audience to spread happiness in the lives of people who depend on people like us in the economic cycle,” says Abhijeet Kumar, Vice President Marketing, Birla White.

He further added, “Through our Brand film, we wanted to convey a simple yet thought-provoking message of how one small decision by us can elevate the current financial situation of many people during this festive season and can be a significant step towards a stronger economy”

The heart touching film has been conceptualized over a Facebook Live by Autumn Grey and received a wide response in WhatsApp and Birla White Pages. The brand didn’t lose any time and immediately shot it in Mumbai complying with every safety measure. 

Autumn GREY said “Our team felt that Birla White, as a brand has an opportunity to really connect with its Painters community at an emotional level keeping the current scenario in mind. The insight and idea was simple yet powerful. The painter community needed to get work this Diwali since they have already suffered huge loss of work due to the ongoing pandemic and its aftereffects and that’s what inspired the AutumnGREY team to conceptualize this story that had all the required ingredients to strike the right emotional chord with Birla White’s end consumers i.e. homeowners and to inspire them to paint their homes this Diwali too, just like they had last year.”

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