BluSmart launches #MyBluKilometres to decrease pollution in Delhi NCR

Beat the Pollution this winter - BluSmart introduces #MyBluKilometres to bring down rising pollution in Delhi NCR

BluSmart launches #MyBluKilometres campaign to reduce the increasing population in Delhi NCR. Through #MyBluKilometres campaign, India’s first all electric ride hailing platform, BluSmart is offering a contest for its riders. The prize to this contest is an all expenses paid, 3 days trip in a 5 star hotel in the Andamans.

Talking about the campaign and the severe condition of air pollution in and around Delhi, Anmol Jaggi, Founder, BluSmart said, “Our vision is to make the environment greener and more breathable. With Delhi-NCR facing a double-edged sword of hazardous air pollution levels as well as increasing Covid-19 cases, we must take urgent action. One way to tackle this pressing issue is a revolution in the electric vehicle space, that can bring down pollution levels to a significant extent.

“In the last one year of its operation, BluSmart has completed 240,000 all-electric trips and has covered 7 million clean km. In fact, owing to its pledge to keep the environment clean and green with a green mobility revolution, BluSmart has saved 500,000 kgs of Co2 since its launch in June last year and this campaign is another step towards this pledge. Through this campaign, we look forward to creating a culture of going electric when it comes to city mobility and eventually making pollution-free existence the new mantra. This is a challenge where everyone wins,” adds Mr. Jaggi.

“Through this campaign, we aim to raise public awareness not just about the toxic environment prevalent in the city, but also about what you and I can do to help improve this situation! We need to adopt a greener mode of transport and save our environment from harmful Carbon and particulate matter emissions. The fact that PM 2.5 and PM 10 have risen above the hazardous mark tells us how important it is to take corrective measures at our end to ensure that the air we breathe is clean,” said Anirudh Arun, Head of Operations and Marketing, BluSmart.

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