Britannia NutriChoice says Good choices can happen at home too

Britannia NutriChoice campaign

The home has become the cool, new, safe place where Indians are spending a whole lot of time in. With the exponential increase in time spent at home, comes the question how one makes a new routine around staying fit. Are the confines of home restricting or can one make a choice to see it as a whole new opportunity? Britannia NutriChoice believes it is.

The core philosophy of Britannia NutriChoice is “Power of a Good Choice”, a friendly motivator that nudges people to make choices that are good for them. The brand recently launched its campaign “Good Choices can happen at home too, with an aim to encourage people to start making good choices even within the confines of their homes.

The “Good Choices can happen at home too” film sources real feedback received from its consumers across the country on how they are making good choices to stay fit within the confines of their homes. Be it a gym enthusiast who replaces weights with water cans, the girl burning her calories away swinging a mop stick, a father making pushups intensive and fun or the dance enthusiast getting her family around to shake a leg.  It’s all about making a good choice and staying with it.

Mr. Vinay Subramanyam, Head – Marketing, Britannia Industries while sharing his views on the campaign, said, “Working out at home is a new reality. Even with the lockdown ending in parts of the country, exercise in public spaces or a gym is still not a possibility. In such a situation, the idea of making healthy choices while at home is both safe and convenient. This campaign aims to encourage and give that extra nudge to our consumers to identify the “Power of a Good Choice” and make healthier life choices even from the confines of their homes”

Sonali Khanna, Executive Director, Head – Lowe Lintas, South saidIn today’s troubled times, people are increasingly concerned about their health and general fitness levels. Since outdoor activities are not an option, more and more people are finding innovative ways to stay healthy at home. Our ad celebrates the fighting spirit of these home ‘athletes’ and encourages them to make good choices when it comes to their snacks, as well”.

The complete film can be viewed : here

Campaign Credits:

  • Creative Agency: Lowe Lintas
  • Creative: Puneet Kapoor, Romel Joseph, Nainaa Rajpaal, Lohith Chengappa, N. Sukumaran and A. Ashwin
  • Account Management: Sonali Khanna, Smrithi Ramanujam, Shreya Singh and Shruthi Rao
  • Production House: Entourage Films (Producer: Garima Arora; Director: Rahul Bharti)

Britannia Industries Limited Credits:

  • Head of Marketing: Vinay Subramanyam
  • Group Product Manager: Sumita Rajan
  • Product Manager: Sunny Detani

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