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Café Coffee Day’s first online video campaign – Beano

MediaInfoline February 15, 2016

Café Coffee Day has always been at the forefront when it comes to engaging its youth followers on its social media platforms. The brand constantly interacts and engages with over five million followers on social media through fun, innovative and engaging activities to keep them talking and excited about the brand and also to build brand loyalty.

CCD has seen success in many of its digital media activations like for World Hug Day and for the Football World Cup which  led to trending hashtags of  #LetsHugOverCoffee and #CCDFootballquiz respectively, to name a few. However, CCD’s latest social media activity is enjoying success like never before. For the very first time, the brand has come out with a video campaign in a five part series.  The first part of the series which was released last month, has received an overwhelming response of 1.2 million views to date!

CCD’s first video campaign ‘Beano and the Bean’ is a lapse stop motion video painted with coffee itself. It revolves around a fun and endearing character called Beano, the caveman. The first part, a 2 minute video, introduces Beano and shows how he discovers the coffee bean in a fun and entertaining way. The objective behind the video was to create a deeper engagement with the audience with something that was fun and subtly revolves around coffee.

CCD realized that its previous social media activities around art and doodles always received high engagement and responses from followers. So the brand decided to go ahead with creativity led idea for its first video campaign. The brand roped in an artist who created hand drawn art using different densities of coffee decoction to narrate a story. Hence, the highlight of the video which has not only excited the creative community, but the audience at large is firstly the use of hand created coffee art in a stop motion video and the other is  the storytelling aspect. Moreover, the content is fun and the character is someone that everyone finds lovable.

CCD has just released the second part of the Beano series, to celebrate Valentines Day. It is a 1.10 minute video that shows how Beano goes about meeting that someone special.

With Beano, the idea was not to promote the brand or prove a point, but to create a property that the audience will embrace. The video currently enjoys a 41% engagement.

Please find below the links to the first part of Beano:

Youtube –

Facebook –



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