Castrol Activ’s new 3-part TVC campaign showcases superior 3X protection


Castrol Activ – India’s leading engine oil brand for two-wheelers today launched its new marketing campaign #3XProtectionKeepsEngineFit. The campaign features 3 distinct ad-films that demonstrate how Castrol Activ offers superior protection to bike engines and shields them from excessive sound, heat, and stress.

Conceptualized and developed by Ogilvy India, the 3 creatives present strong proof points to attest how Castrol Activ’s 3X protection keeps the vehicle engine fit.

The ad-films feature two friends – Venky and Ayush – engaged in friendly yet spirited biking challenges that include a sound, heat and stress test. Ayush is eager to display his bike’s superiority by winning these tests. However, riding a bike that is protected by Castrol Activ, Venky leads, leaving Ayush flustered. At the end of each ad-film, Venky takes Ayush to his mechanic at a Castrol Bike Point who services Ayush’s bike with Castrol Activ; and narrates how the lubricant’s 3X protection “keeps the engine fit”, thus positioning Castrol Activ as the enabler of superior protection.

To inspire greater consumer and customer engagement, Castrol Activ has also launched a web-based, mobile-first game that recreates the three tests from the TVCs. By scanning a QR code, consumers and customers can now step into the shoes of the ad-film protagonists themselves. This game will also be deployed on gaming platforms to deliver deeper consumer engagement.

Speaking about the campaign, Jaya Jamrani, Vice President – Marketing, Castrol India, said, “At Castrol India, we have always delivered industry-leading products that offer unmatched protection and performance to vehicles. Our new Castrol Activ #3XProtectionKeepsEngineFit campaign reinforces this commitment and effectively showcases the superior protection our consumers can avail by choosing Castrol Activ. Through our efforts, we aim to drive the concept of deeper care for vehicles with various stakeholders including dealers, mechanics, and consumers.”

Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India shared, “No biker likes it when their bike fails to perform due to its engine being unfit. So, keeping that in mind, we decided to put Castrol Activ through a series of tests. Then we hit upon the idea of two buddies riding against each other. The campaign is light-hearted yet strongly demonstrates how Castrol Activ keeps the bike’s engine fit. The TVC jingle which has been a consistent feature, appearing in our earlier campaign too explains the core idea very well of never stopping and nonstop protection, “ruk mat, ruk mat, chal tu, chal tu.”

The campaign will go live across a mix of television and digital platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and leading OTT platforms, along with presence on high-impact properties such as the India-England Test series. This will be complemented with strong on-ground execution to leverage Castrol’s wide retail network including independent workshops through retail displays, creatives, demonstration videos and game play.

To watch the campaign Click here

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