Castrol launches #BadhteRahoAage campaign to support truckers’ progress

: A group of truckers on a highway, representing Castrol's #BadhteRahoAage campaign supporting truckers' progress.


Castrol has launched a new marketing campaign called #BadhteRahoAage, aimed at supporting the progress and success of truckers in India. The campaign highlights the importance of truckers in the transportation industry and aims to empower them with superior engine protection.


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Castrol CRB TURBOMAX Empowers Truckers to Fuel Progress and Drive the Economy Forward

The new marketing campaign, #BadhteRahoAage, launched by Castrol India, highlights the essential role of truckers in the transportation and logistics industry and their contribution to driving the economy forward. With a positive bias, we can critically analyze this campaign and recognize the significant impact it can have on the progress and success of truckers in India.

The campaign strategically emphasizes the importance of selecting the right engine oil for truckers, showcasing the benefits of Castrol CRB TURBOMAX. Through a captivating TVC featuring two contrasting characters, Sukhi and Dukhi, who represent the choices of using superior engine protection or suffering frequent engine failures, Castrol effectively communicates the significance of selecting the right engine oil for optimal performance.

By featuring relatable storytelling and a memorable jingle, the #BadhteRahoAage campaign aims to inspire truckers to keep moving forward. The simplicity of the narrative and its focus on the critical role of engine oil in driving truckers’ progress will certainly resonate with the target audience. This approach showcases Castrol’s commitment to understanding the needs and challenges faced by truckers and positions them as trusted allies in their pursuit of progress.

Furthermore, Castrol’s campaign goes beyond just advertising by incorporating an extensive on-ground activation component. This tailored support aims to enhance the growth and success of truckers by providing essential resources and collaborations with entities in areas such as business, finance, health, and technology. This demonstrates the commitment of Castrol to not only promote their product but also to contribute to the holistic development of the trucker community.

The advanced DuraShieldTM Technology featured in Castrol CRB TURBOMAX, providing 3X protection to the engine, further solidifies its value proposition. By addressing the primary factors of heat, deposits, and wear, Castrol ensures long-lasting performance and reliability for truckers in challenging conditions. This exceptional formulation showcases Castrol’s commitment to developing innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of the transportation industry.

The nationwide reach and amplification of the campaign through various channels, including television, digital platforms, on-ground activations, and impactful out-of-home advertising, will significantly raise awareness among truck owners and drivers across India. This comprehensive approach will help Castrol in reinforcing its position as the leading lubricant player in India and solidifying its relationship with the trucker community.

In conclusion, Castrol’s #BadhteRahoAage campaign effectively highlights the progress and success of truckers and positions Castrol CRB TURBOMAX as the engine oil of choice. By showcasing the importance of superior engine protection in driving truckers’ progress and empowering them to fuel the economy forward, Castrol demonstrates its unwavering commitment to the trucker community. The campaign’s integration of on-ground activations and strategic collaborations further strengthens its impact and portrays Castrol as a trusted ally in the pursuit of progress for truckers in India.


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Castrol reveals new campaign #BadhteRahoAage—fueling truckers’ journey to progress

Castrol, India’s leading lubricant player, unveiled a new marketing campaign, #BadhteRahoAage, focusing on the opportunity of remarkable progress and success of truckers who prefer Castrol CRB TURBOMAX. The campaign, developed in collaboration with Ogilvy marks a significant milestone for Castrol in reinforcing its commitment to the progress and success of truckers.

Commercial vehicles and truck drivers serve as the backbone of the Indian transportation and logistics industry. Truck drivers tirelessly navigate highways, delivering essential products that power various sectors, thereby connecting businesses, industries, and communities. Castrol’s #BadhteRahoAage campaign recognises the importance of truckers and aims to empower them with superior engine protection, enabling them to progress and drive the economy forward.

Speaking about the campaign, Jaya Jamrani, Vice President – Marketing, Castrol India Limited, said, “Our new campaign #BadhteRahoAage is a special ode to the unwavering support of truckers in helping move commerce. This is one of the many ways in which Castrol’s reignited vision of accelerating progress comes to life. Our aim is to fortify our bond with this extraordinary community, reaffirming our unwavering commitment as their trusted allies in the pursuit of progress.”

The first leg of the campaign includes an engaging TVC featuring two contrasting characters: Sukhi, a young and progressive trucker who consistently chooses Castrol CRB TURBOMAX, and Dukhi, who regularly experiences engine failures and repairs due to inappropriate engine oil choices. Through this quirky narrative, the TVC demonstrates vividly how CRB TURBOMAX engine oil empowers truckers to forge ahead in their businesses while emphasising the critical importance of selecting the right engine oil.

Dushyant Kumar, Sr Vice President, Ogilvy Mumbai, said, “#BadhteRahoAage campaign weaves a compelling narrative of the role of engine oil in driving truckers’ progress. It’s simplicity and relatable storytelling will deeply resonate with truckers, complemented by a memorable jingle that amplifies its impact. The campaign aims to inspire truckers to keep moving forward.”

In addition to the TVC, the campaign will feature an extensive on-ground activation component specifically tailored to support truckers in their pursuit of progress. Castrol also plans to establish strategic collaborations with entities that will provide essential resources to further enhance the growth and success of truckers and driving the importance of business, finance, health, and the role of technology for the trucker community. This nationwide campaign will target truck owners and truck drivers across India and will be amplified through television, digital platforms, on-ground activations, and impactful out-of-home advertising.

Castrol CRB TURBOMAX features advanced DuraShieldTM Technology, which is meticulously crafted to provide 3X Protection to the engine by addressing the primary factors of Heat, Deposits and Wear which contribute to engine damage. This exceptional formulation not only safeguards against the accumulation of harmful soot particles but also shields critical surfaces from wear and tear. By forming a durable protective layer on moving metal surfaces, the Castrol CRB TURBOMAX engine oil resolutely withstands challenging conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Watch the new Castrol CRB TURBOMAX TVC :

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