CEAT join hands with MMRDA for pothole repair campaign


One of the most common problems Mumbaikars face on the roads, especially during the monsoon season is potholes. Hence, with an objective to make roads and mobility safer, CEAT Limited, a leading tyre manufacturer with the support of Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has undertaken an eco-friendly initiative, ‘CEAT Happy Roads’ to repair potholes in Mumbai city by recycling old and worn-out tyres. Considering the growing effectiveness of messages driven by digital campaigns, CEAT has adopted a unique digital approach to launch this initiative with 2 minutes of video.

To get monsoon-ready, many bike and car owners prefer to change old tyres. With this initiative, CEAT encouraged vehicle owners to donate their old tyres which can be further recycled and used to prepare suitable pothole filling mixture. To undertake this process, CEAT tied up with Green Rubber Crumb to prepare a fine quality of rubber crumb from used tyres, which could have been mixed with the bitumen to improve its binding properties. The bitumen mixture was then utilised to fill potholes across various areas.

The entire process of making ‘CEAT Happy Roads’ initiative is captured in the video that highlights eco-friendly measures to make Mumbai roads pothole-safe. The video showcases pothole affected areas in Mumbai and how recycling of old tyres can prove to be an effective and economical solution to repair them across the city. ‘CEAT Happy Roads’ video uploaded on YouTube which takes you through this entire journey has already received significant number of views.

Talking about the initiative, Mr. Nitish Bajaj, Vice President Marketing, CEAT Tyres Limited, shared, “First and foremost, we whole-heartedly thank MMRDA officials for giving us an opportunity to make a difference in road safety. Potholes are one of the biggest nuisances that can prove to be extremely dangerous for every day road travel, especially in the monsoon season. Hence, in order to curb the situation and make commute safer, we came up with an innovative solution wherein old tyres can be utilized to pave the way for road repairs. Through this and many more such initiatives, we are confident to keep making road travel safer for commuters and also contribute back to the society.”

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