Celebrate International Dance Day with Moj’s #StandOutOnMoj Challenge

Celebrate International Dance Day with Moj’s #StandOutOnMoj Challenge - move to the rhythm of everyday sounds!

Have you ever heard the continuous ringing of a doorbell or the zooming of a car and suddenly found yourself tapping your foot to the rhythm? Imagine  your dance moves to these sounds! From lockin’ and popping to kathak, the possibilities are endless. As Indians, we can dance on anything and everything, with our animated expressions and radiating happiness through our moves. Inspired by this sentiment, Moj, India’s largest short video platform, is launching the #StandOutOnMoj challenge to celebrate International Dance Day (April 29th).

This challenge will run from 27th April to 2nd May and aims to celebrate the spirit of dancing. The participants who successfully capture this challenge’s essence with their creative dance moves will be eligible to win a prize worth INR 25,000.

Moj‘s in-house team has created the ultimate foot-tapping tune by fusing sounds of daily life, like the ringing of phones, the zooming of cars, the knocking on doors, the sound of a mixer grinder, the dial pad of a phone, sirens, and honking, into a peppy dance number. Creators can now use this captivating beat to showcase their exceptional dance skills and make a mark in their own unique way by participating in #StandOutOnMoj.

Speaking about the #StandOutOnMoj challenge, Shashank Shekhar, Sr. Director, Content Strategy and Operations, Moj and ShareChat, said, Dance is a universal language that brings people together and spreads joy. At Moj, we embrace this spirit of happiness through our community’s boundless creativity. Our #StandOutOnMoj challenge, featuring an innovative dance number, inspires and empowers to showcase their talent without any inhibitions. The excitement is palpable as we look forward to India’s vibrant celebration of International Dance on this peppy number. Join us and let your creativity take center stage with Moj! 

Join the celebration and prove that dance knows no age limits! Whether you’re in your kitchen or on the playground, whether you have two left feet or you’re an ace dancer, it doesn’t matter. Dance to our specially curated number and show off your moves by using the hashtag #StandOutOnMoj.

Video link: Watch Here

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