Cello Pens Surprise Test proves ‘Encouragement works better than pressure’

Cello Pens ‘Surprise Test'

BIC Cello (India) Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading manufacturer of writing instruments launched a short film aimed at illustrating the change of perception of parents in exams time after having taken their selves the same exam.

Watch the video : here

The short film commences by portraying a scenario on how parents, unknowingly pressure their children to perform better. Cello pens is aware of the fact that this will only create more stress and anxiety in the child’s mind. To reveal this truth, Cello Pens has come up with their campaign, “Surprise Test”. In this video the parents of kids going to St. Albertus High School are asked to take the same exam that their child is taking – 6th graders mid-term test. While taking the test, they experience the level of stress that their kids go through. They realize that their constant pressure on their kids to get good marks only leads to creation of extra stress. The surprise test leads to a change in their perception and belief that ‘Encouragement works better than Pressure’.

“We at Cello Pens, understand the kind of stress that students go through during exams. While setting expectations for their children’s sake, parents at times unknowingly put pressure on their kids before exams, adding to their overall stress. Cello Pens has come up with the ‘surprise test’ campaign to highlight the crucial role that parents play during exam time.  Their encouraging words make a lot of difference and have a great impact on children’s minds & hearts. Encouragement boosts their confidence & helps the child perform better.” said Tanveer Khan, Director – Marketing (CMO – India), BIC Cello.

“Cello Pens has always stood for the all-rounded student performance. After last year’s Exam Expert TVC where we empathised with children facing exam pressures, this digital film was a natural progression. Not only was it great fun working on this brief for Cello Pens, it was also a matter of pride, standing beside them for this message. As a parent to thirteen-year-old kids, I completely believe in this message. At a time when kids face huge pressure as they go into exams encouragement works better than pressure, to spread an important message like this, so effectively, makes one feel really good.”, said Hanoz Mogrelia, ECD, J Walter Thompson Mumbai.

This initiative is a part of Cello Exam Expert Series which is manufactured keeping in mind the comfort of the students using it. Cello Exam Expert Series (Maxriter, Pinpoint & Technotip) are designed to enable students to write for a longer time without pressure on their finger and wrist. The short film which has been launched digitally is created by J. Walter Thompson (JWT), Mumbai and directed by Abhishek Sengupta.


Client: BIC-Cello India
Agency: JWT, Mumbai

Managing Partner: Rajesh Gangwani
Chief Creative Officer – Senthil Kumar
National Creative Director: Tista Sen
ECD: Hanoz Mogrelia
Senior CD, Copy: Kashyap Joshi
Senior CD, Art: Rithwick Raghunath
Senior Copywriter: Mrunal Naik
SVP: Samarth Shrivastava
VP: Giridhar Bhat
Account Manager: Neha Singh         
Film Producer : Firdaus Bohari

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