Cheil India’s new campaign for Samsung Galaxy A14 5G says ‘Shor no more’


Cheil India released an all-new campaign that demonstrates the new ‘Voice Focus’ feature in the recently introduced Galaxy A14 5G. The omnipresence of ambient noise in the surrounding is the pain point that Cheil is highlighting in its newest campaign for Samsung Galaxy A14 5G anchored in the theme of ‘Shor no More’.

With the new campaign, Cheil India’s primary purpose is to create buzz around the ‘Voice Focus’ feature in the recently introduced Galaxy A14 5G. The storyline is built around the premise of Indian cities being full of varied noises and how the feature helps consumers cut the loud and unavoidable surrounding noises; hence the campaign goes with the tagline “Shor No More” .

Samsung has always set the benchmark when it comes to innovation and making technology accessible and appealing for everyone. With the aim to make India future-ready we introduced the Galaxy A14 5G, a smartphone that provides a holistic 5G experience to the Indian consumer with an array of exciting features. The unique ‘Voice Focus’ feature in Galaxy A14 5G was conceptualised keeping the Indian consumer and context in mind. This unique feature cuts out the ambient noise around you, and amplifies your voice so that you are heard loud and clear even in the noisiest of environments. We have also made Galaxy A14 5G easier for consumers to own with affordability options that translates to just INR 44/day, which is a testament to our philosophy of’ Awesome is for Everyone’ says Aditya Babbar, Senior Director, Mobile Business, Samsung India.

To watch the Campaign click here

The ‘Voice Focus’ feature is animated through the digital film showing a person walking across narrow lanes, and suddenly he is followed by “noise-makers”. It begins with a couple of welders, followed by an orchestra, then two scooter riders arguing loudly, and some more. The person is not bothered by the noisemakers and the ‘noise’ that is following him throughout the film. When he receives a call and the receiver cannot hear him clearly, he switches on the ‘Voice Focus’ feature on his Galaxy A14 5G, which cancels the noise and enhances his voice quality during the call by filtering out the background noise and boosting vocal frequencies.

Vikash Chemjong, CCO, Cheil India said, “We had a product feature that was made for India – Voice Focus. All we did was demonstrate in a dramatic fashion how cacophony never leaves us in this noisy country of ours. Once we did that, the rest of the ad ‘followed’ effortlessly so to say!”

“It is a digital first campaign and its appeal lies in the fact that while noise is everywhere, we need moments where we need to cut it out. The film is meant to inform consumers about Samsung’s latest innovative feature which is now available on the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G smartphones”, said Srijib Mallik, Head of Business- Samsung at Cheil India.

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