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Chupa Chups adds a surprise twist to its ‘Forever Fun’ positioning

MediaInfoline February 14, 2020

Chupa Chups, from the house of Perfetti Van Melle, has rolled out a new campaign for its limited edition lollipop range –  “Do You Love Me?”

Gum-filled lollipops now come with cool emoticons like  ‘Love You’, ‘BFF’, ‘Heart Break’, ‘Yes’, ‘No’, and ‘Smiley’, all embossed on the lollipop. The exact message is a surprise for the consumer, unveiled only after unwrapping.

The idea behind Chupa Chups DYLM lollipops is to help create lighthearted banter amongst the target group that the brand caters to. Chupa Chups becomes a way for them to engage in a conversation about relationships in a unique and fun way.

The limited-edition introduction shall be supported with an announcer communication. The communication is set in the context of a group of teenagers who are sitting on the college stairs and playing a game of ‘love me, love me not’. The responses to the game and the fate of the protagonists is left to what the message on the lollipop reveals. The TVC closes with a twist of good humor where a teacher becomes inadvertently involved in what he feels is a professing of love from his students towards him.

Speaking about the new product and campaign, Rohit Kapoor, Director Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle India said, “Chupa Chups connects with its target audience through  spontaneous, cheeky, good-natured fun. The limited edition packs and the supporting communication adds an element of revelation and gamification to the product, dialling-up the fun quotient among friends. The new campaign shall be supported on TV and Digital medium in the coming weeks & will further enhance the brand consideration & relevance among the TG ”

Link to TVC

The DYLM campaign has been conceptualized and executed by Ogilvy.

Speaking about the same, Anurag Agnihotri, ECD, Ogilvy, says “Brand Chupa Chups always keeps fun alive. Lollipops have chewing gum in them, then there are chewy belts and bites. The latest innovation is gum-filled lollipops embossed with emoticons. And you don’t know which pack has which emoji. With the product itself being so much fun, we wanted an equally fun story to showcase the unpredictability. And this ad does it perfectly.”

The new Chupa Chups ‘Do you Love Me?’ packs are available across India till March 2020.


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