Ciphands ‘Har Haath Ke Saath’ Campaign Is A Beacon Of Hope


Ciphands, the hand hygiene brand of Cipla Health Ltd., has launched ‘Har Haath Ke Saath’ television campaign to emphasize the importance of hand and surface hygiene. The campaign aims to spread a positive message that focuses on the new norm to adapt in order to keep virus and bacteria at bay rather than living under a spell of paranoia.

With several months of living amidst a contagious virus spread, people understand that their hands are one of the many pathways of germ transmission, and touching any contaminated surface will initiate the process. However, with no near end in sight to this outbreak and the looming need to hit the resume button in life, it requires caution for people to stay safe as they venture outside. In line with this, the Ciphands film highlights the different scenarios one faces throughout the day, and being conscious about your hygiene is essential at every step. The brand aims to spreads a message with hope, urging people to shun the shackles of fear and follow the path of consciousness. The TVC showcases the Ciphands range of products Ciphands Hand Sanitizer, Hand Rub and Surface Disinfectant Spray and its usage in varied situations. This advertisement will be showcased across TV as well as digital platforms.

Commenting on this campaign, Mr. Shivam Puri, CEO Cipla Health Ltd. said, “At Cipla Health, our product innovation is driven by consumer needs, and we continue to strive towards improving consumer lives. During this pandemic, our attempt is to offer the most effective hand and surface hygiene solutions to our consumers through our Ciphands range of products. Har Haath Ke Saath campaign is an attempt at establishing Ciphands as a brand which believes that safety lies in your own hands, and clean hands contribute to healthy living.”

Due to the COVID -19 outbreak, there has been an increasing demand for effective hand and surface hygiene essentials. In this effort, Ciphands has introduced a range of hand and surface hygiene products such as antiseptic Hand Sanitizer, Hand Rub and Surface disinfectant spray, all of which ensure 99.9% germ protection. All of these products can be purchased across India at chemists and leading e-commerce websites.

Check out the link for the film:

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