Colgate highlights the connection between Oral Health with Overall Health

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Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited announced, “Mooh Swachh Toh Aap Healthy” (A pure mouth means a healthy you) campaign for its premium Ayurvedic toothpaste Colgate Vedshakti. The campaign highlights the role of the mouth as the gateway to our body and how an unhealthy mouth, can increase the possibility of bacteria entering our system leading to higher risk of several health issues. Colgate Vedshakti promises to not only clean but purify the mouth for better Oral and Overall health.

The high decibel campaign kick-started with the launch of a TV Campaign on March 4, 2020, in 10 regional languages including Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, and Tamil. The TVC features a young girl child dressed as her mother, determined to educate her father about the harmful effects of poor Oral Health. The campaign is being amplified further across mediums like Print, Digital & Social Media. To ensure widespread reach, the brand will also promote the campaign through brand engagement with top Instagram influencers across states.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Arvind Chintamani, Vice President, Marketing, Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited said, At Colgate, we are committed to enable better Oral Health for all. With the launch of this campaign with Colgate Vedshakti, for the first time we are throwing light on the inherent connection between oral & overall health. Colgate Vedshakti brings together a unique combination of Ayurvedic ingredients to provide holistic oral care to ensure better overall health.

Researched and designed in India, Colgate Vedshakti offers customers the goodness of a unique blend of natural ingredients such as – Aloe Vera, Clove, Honey, Tulsi, Neem and Amla together with Colgate’s oral care expertise, to effectively cleanse, purify and deliver multiple benefits and protection against teeth and gum problems.

Created by Redfuse Communications, Delna Sethna, Executive Creative Director, Red Fuse said, “How do you communicate extremely logical, science-y facts in a way that even children would understand them? You get children to disseminate them for you. Their universe of make-believe opened so many avenues for us to explore. Their sincerity in delivering our message draws you in from the second one.”

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