Contract Advertising’s new film for L&T Realty puts the spotlight on trust and relationships

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Buying a house is a once in a lifetime decision and you need to put your hard-earned money on someone who you can trust because of years of expertise in construction. This is the foundation on which the narrative for L&T Realty has been built.

The film, conceptualized by Contract Advertising, a part of the Wunderman Thompson Group and member of the WPP network, shows how a closeted writer who has not had a chance to show the world his writing skills ends up as a neighbour with a Film Director who trusts him enough to surprise him with a big break. The analogy is with L&T Realty who understands the needs of the home buyer and the trust they put in the brand which encourages L&T Realty to deliver much more than just a home.

Ayan Chakraborty, EVP & General Manager, Contract Mumbai said, “When we spoke to customers of L&T Realty, we found that there is almost a kind of blind faith that they equated with the brand. They felt they could trust the brand with their eyes closed. Because L&T always pleasantly surprised them with the product and the service at every step of the way. This is what sparked off the thought for this narrative”

Rahul Ghosh, SVP & ECD, Contract Mumbai, said, “The genome of trust doesn’t come from promises made on legal paper. Trust is built brick by brick. By people, behaviour and interactions. And L&T Realty’s legacy of trust is brought alive in a tale of what it means in people’s lives. In a category dominated by fuzzy make-believe worlds, we went back to good old storytelling that told a tale of trust that is far beyond the world of square feet”

You can view the film Here

Campaign credits:

Client: Shrikant Joshi, MD & CEO – L&T Realty


Ayan Chakraborty: EVP & GM, Mumbai

Rahul Ghosh: ECD & SVP, Mumbai

Sneh Nihalani, Creative Consultant

Sagar Chhabria: Senior Creative Director

Sabina Singh: SVP, Account Management

Mitali Ashok Asrani: Group Account Director

Ciana Braganza: Senior Account Executive

Production House:

Sankat Mochan Films

Director: Sanket Pathare

Producer: Vincent P

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