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Craftsvilla brings on board Sunny Leone for their campaign – #JudgeMeNot

MediaInfoline November 22, 2018

Breaking stereotypes and shackles of size, shape, colour, choices preferred by women, Craftsvilla, India’s ethnic fashion and lifestyle brand launches its latest campaign, #JudgeMeNot. Craftsvilla believes and strongly advocates the fact that fashion and beauty are above labels. This new campaign is a step towards promoting this core belief of the brand.

Women are often subjected to judgements at various points in their lives- whether it is their outer appearance, career choices or even lifestyle. With this campaign, the brand celebrates women, their varied preferences and hopes to encourage people across the country to follow the same.

To amplify this unique brand campaign, Craftsvilla has collaborated with leading Bollywood celebrity Sunny Leone who shared her #JudgeMeNot experience, “Something that I always get judged for is ‘who people think I am’. It is extremely easy to judge someone. By joining this campaign, I wanted to tell everyone that unless you have walked in someone else’s shoes, you really can’t know the whole story. What helped me rise above judgement was concentrating on being myself and not hurting anyone with my actions. And most importantly knowing in my heart that am a good human being.” 

View the Sunny’s post here

Commenting on this campaign, Mr. Monica Gupta, Co-founder, Craftsvilla, said, “Over the years, our culture and society has increasingly stereotyped women, constantly labelling them, pressure of perceptions, judging them for appearance and choices. Through our campaign, we attempt to empower women by not being harsh on their selves and instead embrace the way they truly are. The campaign resonates with Craftsvilla’s ethos of celebrating the modern Indian woman.”

The campaign has also onboarded Subhiksha Rangarajan, a leading musician, artist Kuvelu Tetseo,  of the Tetseo Sisters quartet from Nagaland. These talented women have created Hindi and English songs cheering women across the country to join the cause, a cause dedicated to every woman’s true self.

Subhiksha aka Susha’s song draws a parallel between nature and judgements. The rain does not differentiate between people when it pours down on to earth; neither does nature and lovingly accepts everyone. The Hindi song, called Kaun Kise Parkhe is live : here

Kuvelu’s song encourages women to follow their heart and love themselves (and their choices). Whether it is choosing to sport a pixie cut or stay a Rapunzel; or about being a doctor or just a dreamer. The peppy English song is live : here


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