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Dentsu Impact partners Hindustan to encourage equality in a marriage

MediaInfoline October 17, 2019

Dentsu Impact has released its latest campaign for the leading Hindi daily – Hindustan, from the HT Media Group. Titled ‘Aathwa Phera’, the campaign focuses on the importance of an equal status that both husband and wife should enjoy in a marriage.

Standing true to Hindustan’s positioning of ‘Tarakki ka Naya Nazariya’, the campaign brings out a fresh perspective on how one looks at marriages. Targeting the Hindi speaking belt including UP, Bihar, Jharkhand etc., the initiative urges men to bring about a positive change in the dynamics of a marriage, wherein women tend to make more compromises than men today. It is a call to all men to support their wives by taking up more responsibilities at home.

Commenting on the campaign, Rajan Bhalla, CMO, HT Media Group, said, “Hindustan is a progressive brand, and believes that new perspectives have the power to bring about positive change in the society. Aathwa Phera is an initiative that will connect deeply and emotionally and it will evangelize the core brand positioning of Tarraki Ka Naya Nazariya. Most importantly it will bring home the message of gender equality in the society.”

Speaking about the concept, Soumitra Karnik, CCO, Dentsu Impact added, “The narrative of gender equality has been there for a while now. However, we still hear stories every day that prove there is still a lot to be done to ensure equal status for women (specially in certain regions). Everyone talks about equality in the workplace, jobs, opportunities etc., but what about our homes? What about the husband treating his wife as an equal? This is where our concept came from. We want each and every man to take a vow that he will support his wife and ensure her equal status in a marriage.”

Megha Jain, Sr. Vice President, Dentsu Impact said, “Aathwa Phera is not just a creative campaign for us. It is a campaign that should move people, relationships and move the society. Our concept is very simple, and in that lies its power. One takes seven vows during a marriage, vows that are supposed to help a couple live a happy married life. We need to add one more vow to this, a vow that is critical for any marriage to be a happy one – the vow of equality. With this campaign, we want to encourage more and more couples to take this vow, and not just newly married couples, but people who have been married for any number of years. We chose to write this concept putting the onus on the man as we feel equality isn’t something that a woman needs to fight for, it should come naturally in a marriage, and for this, it is more important to get men to embrace this.”

Watch the TVC: here

Apart from a film which is running on digital platforms currently, the campaign will spread across press, radio, outdoors and most importantly on-ground. With Karwa Chauth being celebrated today, the campaign is expected to garner a huge positive response and many men taking the opportunity to promise equal rights to their wives.


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