Dentsu Webchutney creates #EndTheTangle – an activity on Mivi’s Instagram page

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Today, earphones aren’t just for listening. It’s become a universal symbol to avoid social interaction, or an accessory for people to make a style statement. But for one of the most ubiquitous products of our generation, one problem simply doesn’t seem to go away – the frustration of untangling earphones once you’ve used and kept them away, properly even.

Mivi is a consumer electronics brand specializing in phone peripherals like earphones, speakers, chargers and cables. To create awareness about their range of wireless earphones, designed to end this tangle in people’s lives, Dentsu Webchutney created #EndTheTangle – an activity on Mivi’s Instagram page, where users had to untangle a pair of tangled earphones using Instagram’s ‘Save to Collection’ feature.

To kick-off the activity, a pair of tangled earphones were uploaded on an Instagram grid. If users saved the images in the right order, they could untangle the earphones in their profiles’ ‘Saved’ folder to win 5 Mivi Conquer Wireless Earphones. Dentsu Webchutney’s innovative use of Instagram resulted in an outpour in response, with over 15000 entries in 3 days.

Viswanadh Kandula, CEO & Founder – said, “We wanted to change how audio brands interacted with their audience on the internet, and at the same time, how the audience experiences our products. The current generation looks at exciting experiences around product launches. With #EndTheTangle, we managed to capture our audience with an experience that perfectly captured their everyday struggles. Since we have exciting products in the pipeline for 2019, Dentsu Webchutney has gotten us off to a flyer.”

GD Prasad, Client Services Director, Dentsu Webchutney, Bangalore said, “The insight was dead simple – people dislike untangling earphones. The team has delivered a lot of Instagram innovations this year and we’re glad to see people participating with enthusiasm on each and every one.”

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