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DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance launches the second film of #KalSePehle digital campaign

MediaInfoline November 22, 2018

DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance has launched the second film of its three-film digital campaign – #KalSePehle today to promote the importance of life insurance in an individual’s life. Through this campaign, DHFL Pramerica is taking on the behaviour of postponement around Life Insurance. #KalSePehle is a campaign for the typical procrastinator in every Indian and therefore aptly personified as Mr. Kal Se, because he postpones everything to tomorrow.

The second film revolves around how Mr. Kal Se is lazing on a weekend. In this film, Mr. Kal Se is seen reading his newspaper and his son passes a football to him so that he could play with his son. However, Mr. Kal Se ignores his son’s request and asks him to postpone the game to the next day. The film then rewinds to the point where his son again passes the football to him and he promptly does a header to show the change in his attitude. This film highlights the fact that whether it is about securing your family’s future financially, or spending quality time with them, it’s best to act #KalSePehle, i.e. before tomorrow. Despite the clear advantages of purchasing life insurance, many people often procrastinate when it comes to actually purchasing a life insurance plan. People do not realize the importance of life insurance till they actually need it. Till then, it just keeps on getting postponed to another day, another time; even at the risk of their own family’s financial future.

#KalSePehle is a three-part film digital campaign that addresses three different types of procrastination behavior. From procrastinating exercise to prioritize another hour’s sleep to postponing an outdoor game with children on a weekend or delaying healthy eating over to enjoy a sumptuous meal, this digital campaign targets it all. The series is part of a larger campaign with creative collaterals across online & offline media.

Campaign Link: here

Brand Credits

Company name: DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance Limited

Chief Digital & Marketing Officer: Anshuman Verma

VP Digital Marketing: Amit Puri

VP Brand Strategy: Arun Sharma

Agency Credits

Agency Name: Webenza India Private Limited

Group Creative Director: Saju Abraham

Creative Director Art: Neeraj Shrivastav

Group Head Copy: Rohit Chaturvedi

Group Head Art: Bhaskar Das

Account Planning & Client Servicing: Suharsh Lakshman & Mansi Patel

Production Credits

Production House: Alamara Films, Bangalore

Director: Sidharth K C

Asst. Director: Soorej R Nair

Producer: Ranjan Bhowmik & Dheeraj Shanbhag

Director of Photography: Georgy Joseph

Music: Gaurav Chatterji


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