Disha Patani urges consumers #AbNatureKiSuno with WOW Skin Science

Disha Patani urges consumers #AbNatureKiSuno with WOW Skin Science

Leading Personal Care Brand WOW Skin Science urges people to make a shift to natural products with their latest campaign featuring Disha Patani – #AbNatureKiSuno.  It is the brand’s endeavour to educate and get consumers to give up harsh chemical-based products for natural products. With this campaign, WOW Skin Science is reiterating the value of imbibing and embracing all and everything natural for holistic growth and well being.

In the film, WOW Skin Science brand ambassador, Disha Patani illuminates how consumers rely on ‘experts’ for their hair care routine, often turning a blind eye to the harsh chemicals those products might contain. With this thought in mind, WOW Skin Science urges consumers to let nature be your expert and listen to its accord by investing in natural products that do greater good such as onions and black seed oil etc. The campaign highlights the difference between harsh chemical-based products and how they are not the ideal solution compared to natural products.

Infused with red onion oilseed extract, pro-vitamin B5 and black seed oil, WOW Skin Science’s Red Onion Black Seed Hair Oil Shampoo is a powerhouse that not only combats hair fall but also strengthens hair follicles and clarifies block roots. The red onion oil seed extract present in the shampoo helps in protecting the scalp and hair. The black seed oil in the shampoo has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that promote blood circulation to the roots. With no harsh additives like parabens, sulphates or silicones, WOW Skin Science’s Red Onion Black Seed Hair Oil shampoo rejuvenates the tired scalp, boosts hydration, reduces hair fall to make hair softer and stronger.

While talking about the #AbNatureKiSuno campaign, Manish Chowdhary, Co-CEO of Body Cupid Pvt Limited said, “With the beauty industry evolving, consumers have also become conscious of their choices, they are now well versed with the brand and they understand the implications of investing in a particular brand/product. Today’s consumers are cognizant of the ramification of using harsh chemical products and one can witness the evident shift to natural products. The awareness is entrenched in the belief system and with this campaign, we urge consumers that nature is the best teacher, the solution giver for all your woes and to encourage people to Be WOW, Naturally.

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