Domex challenges Harpic with its latest campaign


How many people question the efficacy of a toilet cleaner in fighting both germs and malodour? To address the need for superior toilet hygiene, Domex – the home cleaning/disinfection brand from Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), has launched a new evidence-based brand campaign that takes on Harpic. Brand’s new communication demonstrates the superior benefits of Domex Fresh Guard Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner in the toilet cleaner category.

Domex has been a part of the HUL portfolio for several decades and its reinvention comes at a time when preventive hygiene and disinfection is a critical consideration factor across the world. Germs in household scenarios can fester in various forms and spaces, toilets being one of the primary areas. The brand new Domex Fresh Guard Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner is inspired by leaves and petals that don’t allow water to settle on them. The product consists of surface modification molecules that leaves a protective hydrophobic layer on the toilet commode surface which reduces water, stain and germ build-up, thereby troubleshooting persistent problems such as cleanliness, hygiene and malodour. The improved Domex Fresh Guard Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner doesn’t just claim a 99.9% germ-kill formula but proves it through ISO-certified lab attestations. The result is a clean, odor free toilet with lasting freshness up to 100 flushes.

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Commenting on the category and the campaign, Prabha Narasimhan, Executive Director & VP – Home Care (South Asia), Hindustan Unilever Ltd said, “ For over two decades now, Domex has been a trusted brand committed to providing superior hygiene and clinical disinfection solutions to consumers across the country. The latest communication is in line with our goal to give consumers the evidence to help make informed decisions determined by scientific insight and technology.  Our extensive studies, research and data-backed certifications underpin the superior science-first formula of the offering. Battling the second wave of the pandemic, we are all well aware that hygiene, safety and disinfection are three facets which will dominate our collective consciousness and as a brand we have been consistently innovating to address, upgrade and deliver on these core parameters being sought by consumers in their everyday lives.”

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Domex aims to challenge the generic consumer mentality skewed towards toilet cleaners that do not serve the purposes of long-lasting freshness and effective disinfection on toilet surfaces. Featuring renowned television actors Divyanka Tripathi (Hindi version) and Revathy (Tamil version), the spot opens in a supermarket scenario where a consumer is forced to reconsider her toilet cleaner purchase when her son questions her choice of product. The premise is simple, questioning Harpic as a toilet cleaner brand and if it helps in containing malodour and disinfects the toilet over a longer period of time.

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