Domino’s India Celebrates True Friendship With #2020KeDostOfTheYear Campaign


2020 was a turbulent year which made us realise the importance of relationships. This year our friendships grew even stronger and this is what Domino’s India is trying to celebrate in their year end campaign ‘2020 ke Dost of the year’. 

Through this campaign, Domino’s is urging you to celebrate your friendship with a slice of pizza as they vote for their best friend. 

Check it out on the Dost of the Year microsite. 

You can also check the AI filter, brand banter and influencer films on Instagram

The Silver Lining of 2020

Domino’s Pizza has served up a campaign to end 2020, by giving people a chance to celebrate their 2020 ke Dost of the Year.

Recognising the ups and mostly downs of 2020, the brand observed an interesting paradoxical behaviour arise from the circumstances of the year – one where self-isolation and social distancing have actually brought people closer, from reconnecting with old friends to finding friendships in the most unusual of places. And these relationships in general have made the year 2020 bearable.​ They have been the silver lining in a complex year. 

Looking Back on How We Made It Together This Year

The end of the year is always a time to look back and reflect. And the overwhelming sentiment this year is that ‘’we made it’’. And then you begin to wonder about these special relationships that helped you make it through this tough year. ​This has been a year where families are the new friends and friends are the new families.​

Acknowledging Friendships

2020 ke dost of the year gives people a chance to acknowledge these relationships and thank them for making 2020 more cheerful.

  •  The campaign urges people to vote for their 2020 ke dost.
  •  Quirky, and interesting titles are awarded to this special ‘dil dost’ as a part of this campaign.

Conceptualized by AutumnGrey, the campaign sees content spanning from an online award generator to an influencer video series to an Instagram lens and several other activities across digital platforms and is part of the brand’s ongoing efforts to celebrate relationships between friends and family, both old and new.


  • AGENCY: AutumnGREY
  • Account Management: Karan Venkatesh, Nancy Sharma
  • Creative: Salil Shahane, Akshita Bhalla, Yathartha Sharma, Sadhika Suneja, Abhinav, Piyush Jain, Nishant Sethi, Gurudev, Ella Yadav, Talish Rasool, Tech, Santhosh Murugan




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