Dr. Fixit launches new TVC featuring Amitabh Bachchan

Dr. Fixit launches new TVC featuring Amitabh Bachchan

Dr. Fixit launches its new TV commercial featuring actor Amitabh Bachchan, where he urges customers to use technical solutions like the brand to resolve waterproofing and roof repairs. This is against the common notion of painting or patch repair as a solution to the same problems.

The TVC also requests customers to contact Dr. Fixit through SMS <ROOF> 57575 for more details of the product.

Mr. Vivek Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, Pidilite Industries said, “Dr. Fixit is the market leader in the waterproofing segment and it continues to play the role of building and growing the category with innovative new productsPeople often make the mistake of choosing the wrong waterproofing methods and resort to temporary solutions. They dont realize that the longevity of a structure depends to a great extent on the waterproofing of the roof. They fail to understand the consequences of opting for incorrect techniques only to regret it later. This campaign featuring a humorous interplay between Mr. Bachchan and Mr. Popat Lal aims to nudge people in the right direction and seek proper roof waterproofing solutions from Dr.Fixit.”

Commenting on the campaign, Talha Bin Mohsin, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather- saysDr. Fixit offers a range of products for different types of expert waterproofing. This time, we wanted to convey that when it comes to roof one requires an expert product as well, that protects it from heat, rain, and moisture for a long time. It is Dr. Fixit’s Roofseal that offers expert waterproofing that no one else can match. The ad featuring our brand ambassador Mr. Amitabh.

Bachchan is a humorous analogy of Dr. Fixit and its expertise in quintessential Pidilite humor. The simplicity of communication to tell rather complex and technical benefits through Mr. Bachchan has always been a hallmark of our work on this brand.”

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