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Duroflex Mattresses launches #YawnOffSleepOn campaign

MediaInfoline March 9, 2020

This World Sleep Day, Duroflex Mattresses launches their unique and quirky, #YawnOffSleepOn campaign asking everyone to send them their yawns so they can send them a good sleep. Through this innovative campaign, the brand is calling out to people across cities to share funny yawn videos. Those who send the most entertaining yawn videos will win a premium mattress from Duroflex and get featured on the brand’s social pages. On World Sleep Day week (March 7th to March 13th, 2020) Duroflex is also giving out special World Sleep Day offers on the brand website and select stores.

Yawning is one of the most common signs of sleep deprivation. This World Sleep Day, Duroflex is driving awareness on the importance of sleep by urging people to listen to their yawns and make a commitment to develop healthier sleep habits.

Participation in this campaign is extremely easy. All one has to do is upload their yawn video on any of their social media pages and mention #YawnOffSleepOn and tag @duroflexworld.

Sharing her thoughts on World Sleep Day, Smita Murarka, Vice President, Marketing, Duroflex Mattresses says, “Yawning is seen as a normal action in our daily lives. We yawn during meetings, at lunches or at discussions without realizing that it’s due to sleep deprivation. The core idea behind #YawnOffSleepOn is to create awareness that yawning is a sign of sleep deprivation and that it is not just one person’s problem. It has a butterfly effect causing others around to yawn and feels lethargic as well. To get people to listen to their yawns, we have taken a light-hearted approach this World Sleep Day, asking people to capture and share different expressions of yawning. We aim to reach out to as many people and develop a stronger connect whilst spreading awareness about the importance of good sleep.”

Link to the video.


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  1. Sai Kumar March 18, 2020


    Am very fabulous fan of Duroflex Mattresses , But never though it the creative and concept is copied from other brands in the same industry.

    My sincere advise to Smita Murarka, Vice President, Marketing, Duroflex Mattresses – Do something totally unique.Keep innovating as fast you can, to improve your existing product or service and adding new ones to your line.

    Thank You

  2. Hemant November 24, 2020


  3. Omar Warrior January 20, 2021

    The campaign seems interesting and more engaging. But these promotions will not define the product quality. Recently, I have purchased the Magniflex mattress, their product speaks rather than any other promotions. The quality they maintain to serve the purpose is remarkable.


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