Duroflex’s Campaign with Alia Bhatt tells us about a smart investment option

Duroflex’s #NoMoreUselessKharcha talks about smart investment option

With the new year setting in, people have either made or are making resolutions that would help them bring about positive changes in their life. Duroflex, India’s leading sleep solutions brand, took this opportunity to show their consumers one smart investment that would be a good step towards their new resolutions. Their latest campaign #NoMoreUselessKharcha was kick-started with a video with their national brand ambassador Alia Bhatt, where she calls out all the useless expenses that we are tempted to do for increasing our social cred but instead a wise investment would be in good sleep by investing in sleep essentials instead.

Duroflex channelized the campaign through Instagram, keeping in mind the platform’s appeal and reach to the younger audience which was the key target audience for this campaign. The sleep solutions expert collaborated with four millennial content creators who are known for their witty style and humorous way of delivering serious messages. Creators like Anu Karagada, Shubham Jadhav, Nirmal Pillai, and Abhishek Kumar helped spread this message through their channels as well. 

Link to the creators’ videos:
mahlyf_mahrulez and theabishekkumar

Talking about this campaign, Smita Murarka, CMO, Duroflex, said, “Our key intent with this campaign was to make the younger audience consider sleep essentials as a smart investment. We thus collaborated with young creators who beautifully brought out the message and helped their followers to think about an everyday essential which we do not put much thought into. This is another endeavour in our mission to help India sleep better.”

The brand also created the hashtag #NoMoreUselessKharcha for this campaign and kept populating it with supporting content with their in-house as well as the user-generated campaign.

Duroflex is one of India’s leading sleep solutions providers with a wide range of premium mattresses and sleep accessories. This revolutionary brand with over five decades of expertise and state-of-the-art technology is redefining the meaning of quality sleep.

Duroflex has distinguished itself as a leader in the industry with innovative and cutting-edge products that are the first of their kind in India. Its signature range Duropedic is India’s own doctor-certified orthopaedic mattress range. The brand is today synonymous with quality, innovation, and comfort. Its product portfolio is backed by strong technical know-how, modern equipment, and the ability to understand future needs.

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