Edelweiss Mutual Fund motivates the “Stree” to break “Free” on International Women’s Day

Edelweiss Mutual Fund motivates the “Stree” to break “Free” on IWD

Celebrating International Women’s Day, Edelweiss Mutual Fund launches a digital film “Stree” to break “Free” that highlights biases that start within each one of us and how we can take steps to break them.  The film inspires women to take the pledge that they will rise above these biases and break free. At different stages of life, women themselves doubt their ability and commitment. Many women, not surprisingly, lose self-esteem and career confidence. To break this bias barrier, women must first break their mental barriers.

In the “Stree” to break “Free” video, Radhika Gupta explains that a woman’s life and mind are constantly riddled with self-doubt, whether it is to shout or the urge to walk out. Being judged for simply doing their job, being called snobby, lazy, or bossy, women land up thinking multiple times before they take even the tiniest of steps.  The force of BIAS when it goes beyond boundaries or limits wields the power to seek within. There is nothing a woman can’t do and nothing a woman cannot be. It is time to bid goodbye to biases and to break free.

Radhika Gupta, MD & CEO, Edelweiss AMC said, “Women are extraordinary. Yet we fall prey to biases that surround us and judge us daily. Through this film, we wanted to reaffirm that the power to fight the weight of these biases, that drag us and drain us of our zeal and spirit, lies within us.”

“At Edelweiss we walk the talk, and the Edelweiss family daily reminds each other of the strengths that we have and through this message want to remind the women around the world that the power lies within them,” she added further. 

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