Eminent & respected actress Maheswata Ray the new face for Milky Moo

For decades, mothers have relied on fresh milk to fulfill their growing children’s nutritional needs. But with increasing fear of adulterants such as hydrogen peroxide and caustic soda, there is a deep sense of discomfort in relying on packaged milk and mothers have to always boil the milk to remove impurities. But this too does not ensure pure milk at the end of the process.

Milk Mantra’s flagship offering, Milky Moo, is a game changer in this – by focusing on truly pure milk collection at the source from farmers of its ethical milk sourcing network and processing the milk at state of the art plants, Milky Moo is Truly Pure and can be had straight with no need to boil.

Srikumar Misra, Founder & CEO, Milk Mantra “Essentially we work in an area of trust. We want every mother to trust Milky Moo to be Truly Pure and give it to their family for the nutrition they deserve. Now we do realize that mothers receive this message from many food brands, but we believe having someone with a strong personal pure image like Maheswata Ray connects seamlessly with our brand ethos and this will convince many mothers Change to Truly Pure”.

To testify our claim for being Truly Pure, we Mahasweta Ray, a celebrated name in Odia cinema, has agreed to be the face of Truly Pure Milky Moo and encourage others to join her.

For this, the company has developed a new communication that is the second wave of the ongoing “Paribartan” campaign.

The new TVC revolves around Maheswata’s family where as a mother she gives Milky Moo milk to her children without boiling it. Since the messaging is direct and reaches out to mothers across demographics, it has the power to connect with women of all demographics.

The brand’s messaging to switch to Truly Pure Milky Moo gets a stamp of approval from Mahasweta as well. She says, “Every time I visited Bhubaneswar and stayed at my sister’s house I noticed everyone having Milky Moo. I too have and trust that it is pure so I don’t need to boil it. Not only is that very convenient, but the way the company has evolved and the focus on quality and processes, brings back the nostalgia of childhood where milk stood for pure, unadulterated joy. I sincerely hope that with this TVC my message reaches every mother, child and family with Milky Moo’s promise of quality, purity and safe packaging.”

Prelude Novel Ventures, the creative agency that also produced the “KhantiKhira” campaign, has created this TVC as well. Talking about this, Sameer Hans of Prelude says, “ When the client suggested we approach Maheswata for this TVC, we felt it was a natural fit for the Milky Moo brand. She is very exclusive so for her to agree to be a part of this itself was a good sign and we believe the concept and direction of the ad will connect with many mothers across Odisha”.

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