Emoha Elder Care Launches #MarchwithResilience campaign


Emoha Elder Care, a technology powered community-based comprehensive platform enabling elders to age with grace and relevance has launched #Marchwithresilience campaign to celebrate trailblazing elder women this Women’s Day. The campaign consists of a series of short video that features women in their 60s and 70s – who challenged the status quo, broke the societal conventions, defied stereotypes of casting women as passive, dependant and gave a whole new meaning to the term – ‘Active & Graceful Aging’.


The true story of an (un) decorated W-hero

  • The video begins with the heart-warming story of 59-year-old Mrs. Neeta Rawal reminiscing her personal experience of the horrors attached to a military operation that was carried out in 1984 to flush out armed militants from a place of religious significance. She passionately remembers the moment when she left no stone unturned to save the life of her husband – a moment that changed her as an individual forever. Today, she works with a local NGO and is actively involved in teaching underprivileged children.

When she’s older: Does age gap matter in a relationship

  • The video also showcases the fascinating anecdotal narration by 77-year-old Mrs. Mona Lal, a former librarian, at the IIT. She fondly speaks about the year 1977 when she defied all societal norms and went ahead to marry a man who was seven years younger to her – an idea which was unheard in that era.  After losing her husband a few years back, she continues to live her life with full gusto by passionately pursuing her love for music and keeping herself busy by learning how to sing.

Liberated: Art set her free

  • Lastly, the video also features 75-year-old Mrs. Veena Gulati, an artist, a remarkable painter who started painting at the tender age of four. Mrs. Gulati recalls the time when she was forced to marry at the age of 20 and was also required to leave her passion for arts for nearly two decades due to continuous family pressure. Today, she feels liberated as she is able to live her life on her own terms and is busy following her desire to paint and express herself with utmost aplomb.

Commenting on the thought behind this campaign, Saumyajit Roy, Co-Founder and CEO, Emoha Elder Care said, “India has witnessed countless number of courageous, strong women who have left a significant mark on our history. While some of them stand as icons of women empowerment today, most ordinary women living ordinary lives are often unrecognized. Thus, we decided to give a platform to these ‘ordinary women’ to narrate their tales of fairly ‘un-ordinary’ acts. We are trying our bit to contribute by recognizing these real change makers, the inspiring women who dared to lead and continue to serve as real examples for today’s generation as well.”

Initiatives such as these are in sync with the platform’s ideology of #EldersFirst. Founded in January 2019, the platform acts as a gateway for elders to stay safe, secure, and engaged while in their homes.

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