Entropik’s Sherlock-Inspired Campaign Goes Beyond Traditional Market Research

Entropik's Sherlock-Inspired Campaign Goes Beyond Traditional Market Research

Entropika leading AI-powered Integrated Market Research company, today announced the launch of its first-ever brand awareness campaign, ‘The Master of Observation’. The campaign aims to build brand trust and credibility, spread brand awareness, and delight the audience with a clever and ingenious digital ad film that heightens curiosity and makes viewers eager to explore the brand.

The aim of the campaign is to convey that Entropik is a Master of Observation, and can pick up facial cues, know where customers are looking, and pick up information from their tone of voice. The campaign delivers this message through an ad featuring the famous Sherlock Holmes.

The video features a focus group meeting with a moderator and participants. At the same time, Sherlock Holmes, with the clients and organizer, patiently observes them from the next room. The classic Sherlock deduction sequence begins as he analyzes the participants’ behavior, voice, and facial cues.

Watch the brand film: Watch Here

The brand campaign will go live on Entropik’s all social media channels.

The campaign highlights the power of Entropik’s AI-powered market research platform to capture human insights that go beyond stated responses. This campaign aligns with Entropik’s disruptive AI tech to use Human Insights like Facial Expression, Eye movement, and Voice Tones to understand consumer behavior and preferences. Further, it highlights how Emotion AI Tech enables research, marketing, and product teams to design and deliver superlative marketing and product experiences through an Agile & Collaborative platform.

The company has already won many awards and accolades, such as the Amazon AI Award 2018, and has been quoted by Gartner as India’s ‘Top 5 Cool Vendors in AI.’ The new campaign is set to build on this success and take the company to new heights.

“We are thrilled to launch our first brand awareness campaign and show the world what we are capable of,” said Ranjan Kumar, Founder and CEO of Entropik“Our platform can capture human insights that go beyond stated responses, and this campaign showcases the power of the disruptive Emotion AI technology. We hope that the campaign will help us build trust and credibility and spread awareness, allowing us to reach new brands from across the globe.”

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