Fastrack’s #StartAnywhere Campaign Rejuvinates Workout Routines

Fastrack Workout Routines can StartAnywhere

Now you have got no excuse to miss your daily workouts as Fastrack’s all-new #StartAnywhere campaign shows how workouts can happen anywhere anytime. 

The new Lowe Lintas Bangalore’s campaign for Fastrack Reflex 3.0 smart band – #StartAnywhere showcases the strength and importance of workouts. 

Talking about the new multimedia campaign, Ajay Maurya, Head of Marketing, Fastrack said This fun, bold, spontaneous film speaks the language of the Gen Z who don’t believe in set definitions when it comes to fitness. They believe in being fluid in their thinking and spontaneous in their actions. The latest Fastrack Reflex 3.0 smart band comes with 10+ sports modes which make starting your fitness journey as easy as it gets. The film beautifully lands the message: With the Reflex 3.0, you can start your fitness journey just anywhere.”

You can watch the new ad campaign on their YouTube channel

The campaign is live across the brand’s online platforms and other offline mediums.

Building Interest for New Smart Bands

Fastrack releases an offbeat multimedia campaign #StartAnywhere in line with the recent launch announcement of Reflex 3.0, its latest smart band offering under the fash-tech segment. The campaign video conceptualized by Lowe Lintas Bangalorebuilds interest for the new Fastrack Reflex 3.0 which is equipped with 10+ sport modes and a dual-tone band through which users can lift their fitness as well as style. 

Commenting on the idea, Puneet Kapoor, RCO, Lowe Lintas said: “Fastrack has always stood for the audacious and uninhibited expression of youth identity which can’t be locked in templates or boxes. This applies equally to their idea of fitness also, which spills out, ever so freely, from the walls of gyms and lines of courts, to almost anywhere. That’s the central idea of this film with the many features of Reflex 3.0, keeping a tab with its exciting modes no matter where you start.”

Breaking the Barriers of Monotonous Workout Routines

While working out means monotony to the rest of the world, Fastrack’s new campaign brings the Gen-Z spirit of fluidity to fitness, presenting a way to make a statement, to have fun, to be part of a tribe, to follow your heart, and never hesitate. The campaign film is a youthful and high-fashion interpretation of what fitness means to Gen-Z.

  • The campaign film shows how today’s youth aren’t held back by the lack of gym, equipment, or fancy sports gear to begin their fitness journey; that they can #StartAnywhere.
  •  In doing so, it showcases the features of Reflex 3.0 in a quirky manner. 
  • Whether it be running a race in the parking lot or a dance party in the midst of traffic or even just lunging their way through a supermarket. 
  • #StartAnywhere captures how they are ready to take the leap and, in a real sense, become the Olympians of the street with Reflex 3.0 and its 10+ sport modes.


  • Client: Fastrack
  • Agency: Lowe Lintas, Bangalore 
    Creative: Sagar Kapoor, Puneet Kapoor, Shiv Parameswaran, Deepesh Rajani, Richa Jain, Bobby Thomas, Hamza Bhavnagarwala
  • Account Management: Sonali Khanna, Bhupender Agarwal, Radhika Bhattacharya, Ritisha Mondal
  • Production House: 1st December 
  • Director: Atul Kattukaran

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