Fino Payments Bank’s #AaiyeTohSahi campaign with Pankaj Tripathi is a refreshing take on customer engagement

Fino Payments Bank's #AaiyeTohSahi with Pankaj Tripathi

Banking or for that matter any financial service transaction is deeply rooted in trust. With new age platforms changing the banking landscape, customer trust is the dominant variable that leads to increased engagement. Fino Payments Bank’s new campaign #AaiyeTohSahi with brand ambassador Pankaj Tripathi is designed to reinforce the trust factor in the backdrop of a shift in the way people can do banking.

The #AaiyeTohSahi campaign drives home Fino Bank’s value proposition through the various characters played by Pankaj Tripathi. The versatile actor portrays three different roles – a customer wishing to open a bank account and looking for an ATM to withdraw cash, a shopkeeper who is a Fino banker and also that of his assistant.

All characters subtly convey the core message of trust through convenient banking in the neighbourhood, the benefits of being a local banker and most importantly the omnipresence of Fino’s network. The campaign’s creative use of humour keeps the viewer engaged. All with the core objective of reinforcing trust in the Fino way of banking.

Through this campaign, the bank targets customers from SEC B and SEC C households in the age group of 30-45 years, and who consume data over a mobile phone. Research studies indicate that these households are a very relevant target group and they constitute more than 70% of India’s 60 crore ATM using population.

To reach out to the target group Fino Bank will run the campaign on OTT and social media platforms. As per a recent Boston Consulting Group report around 65 per cent of OTT content consumption in India comes from this segment of customers.

“The OTT consumption pattern amongst the segment we are targeting is an interesting trend that could open up new avenues for marketers and customers,” said Anand Bhatia, CMO, Fino Payments Bank. “The local kirana or mobile repair shop as the new banking point is a cultural shift for people used to conventional branches. Our #AaiyeTohSahi campaign is aimed at reinforcing the trust as well as enabling customer behaviour change in adopting branchless banking, by essentially experiencing Fikar Not banking. Given the wide spread use of OTT and social media we intend to reach out to a larger segment through these platforms. Our messaging efforts will be further amplified by the strong connect of our brand ambassador in urban and rural markets across the country.”

On being the face of the bank, Pankaj Tripathi said, “I feel proud to be a part of Fino Payments Bank because of its reach even in the remote areas of India, where banking is still a privilege. Coming from a rural background, I feel the connection with the brand because we had troubles with banking facilities in our village. Fino is coming out as a leader in payments services all over India and definitely making banking accessible and easy for all.”

Ashish Banka, CEO of EggFirst, the creative agency behind the campaign said, “After the success of Fino Matlab Fikar Not, we are back with our latest campaign #AaiyeTohSahi with Pankaj Tripathi, who plays a never seen before triple avatar. Fino makes banking more accessible and hassle-free for the under-banked and unbanked. Over time, consumers from Tier 1 and 2 markets have showcased their love and trust in brand Fino.”

The ubiquitous nature of Fino Bank’s 11.42 lakh banking points across the country gives an always available, always nearby, always ready to serve feel, which is behind the bank’s #Hamesha proposition. Also, with the bank in the neighbourhood, customers need not worry about banking. Fino Matlab, Fikar Not!

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