Forevermark Underlines Its Brand Promise With The Credential Campaign


Forevermark, the diamond brand from The De Beers Group of Companies, is all set to present its credentials to the consumer this festive season. With the ‘Credential Campaign’ Forevermark have literally made their product ‘the hero’, listing out to consumers, the benefits (emotional and rational) of buying a Forevermark diamond. The campaign also addresses the concerns of potential buyers and reassures them, that when they purchase a Forevermark diamond it is always the ‘most beautiful diamond’. The campaign has been developed and conceptualized by J. Walter Thompson India (JWT, India) and the media agency for the campaign is Mindshare. It has been produced and directed by Jaydeep Sarkar of Native Films.

The ‘Credential Campaign’ by Forevermark has been conceptualised to allay the fears, anxieties, concerns and doubts that a consumer may have while making a high value purchase such as diamond jewellery. Extensive research done by the brand shows that while buying a diamond, consumers are looking for constant assurance that they have bought a genuine diamond, especially since their knowledge about diamonds is limited and most of the information gathered is from the retailer. With this campaign, Forevermark validates the consumers’ choice by simply and clearly educating the potential buyer as to why Forevermark is one of the best diamonds to buy.

The campaign elucidates the Forevermark promise of being beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. Natural and hand-selected, less than 1% of the world’s diamonds are eligible to become a Forevermark diamond. This is because during every step of its journey, strict criteria ensures that only the most beautiful diamonds are chosen to be inscribed as Forevermark. The Forevermark inscription is a testament to the fact that the brilliance of the diamond you have chosen goes well beyond the standard 4Cs, and has been individually selected against additional rigid criteria to ensure that it is one of the most beautiful diamonds in the world.

The ‘Credential Campaign’ revolves around the product which is the clear hero. The campaign includes a set of print ads and 3 TVCs that highlight the inherent qualities that make a Forevermark diamond amongst the world’s most beautiful. The Print ads in clear bold letters make an indisputable statement while spelling out the reasons to buy a Forevermark and re-iterate the brand campaign message.

Romancing the diamond each TVC explores different aspects of the Forevermark brand, the first TVC titled ‘Bonus’ shows a young independent woman who has just bought herself a beautiful pair of Forevermark diamond earrings with her bonus. When questioned by her grandmother on buying them from any jeweller, she replies saying that you can always trust a jeweller who keeps Forevermark.

The second TVC titled ‘Proposal’ highlights a beautiful solitaire ring that a young man has bought to propose to his girlfriend. While discussing the proposal he anticipates the questions his girlfriend will ask him about the 4 C’s of the diamond he has chosen. In response, he says that he will simply answer them with a beautiful diamond from Forevermark.

The third TVC ‘Anniversary’ opens with a pair of beautiful diamond bangles on a beautifully set up dinner table. A man celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary wants to show his wife how much he loves and appreciates her with diamond bangles; expressing his concern, he says, “I know nothing about buying genuine diamonds, so I did the smart thing I turned to the experts.” He closes the box, which he is to present to his wife, which is embossed with the Forevermark logo.

Talking about the campaign, Sachin Jain, President, Forevermark India commented, “India is one of the top performing markets for diamond jewellery in the world. Despite this, the consumer when buying diamond jewellery is looking for validation of the choice of diamond, whether from family, the retailer, or a third-party certificate.  Forevermark provides this validation, with the brand promise and the Forevermark inscription. With this campaign, we aim to reinforce consumer confidence and create brand awareness by highlighting the benefits and differentiating factors of Forevermark, thereby creating trust and loyalty for the brand in the minds of our audience.”

Nandita Chalam, Senior Vice President & Executive Creative Director at J Walter Thompson said, “The task of J Walter Thompson’s new campaign for Forevermark diamonds was to tell consumers that Forevermark goes beyond the 4 Cs of cut, carat, colour and clarity – to bring them diamonds of exceptional beauty.  That is why less than 1 % of the world’s diamonds are eligible to be Forevermark. Both the TV and print highlight the De Beers legacy, allay consumer fears of not knowing what is a genuine diamond and reassure them on the benefits of buying Forevermark diamonds – all in a simple and beautiful manner.”

The Credential Campaign will be extensively amplified through various mediums including TV, Digital, Print, Outdoor, In-Cinema and on-ground activations. The campaign will utilize the national media channels across languages and genres, mainline dailies, magazines, paid search, online display and video audience buying, key digital sponsorships, social media platforms and online television. The campaign will debut on TV with 30 second commercials, to be screened on 15th September, 2017. The TVC will be shared on social & digital with shorter edits. The commercial will be supported by digital and social media elements using the hashtag #trustForevermark.

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